Introducing perfect. A motorsports playground where performance driving enthusiasts, friends and businesses come together to enjoy a unique facility found among the verdant mountains of British Columbia’s island Eden.

Vancouver Island is a wonderful place for a variety of people who appreciate the mild climate, beautiful scenery and diverse culture. With the countless number of amazing roads to drive on and the vast array of activities to take advantage of all year around, Vancouver Island is home to many sports car owners who can appreciate both their beauty and their performance.


The Circuit

The main Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit is comprised of seven different track configurations. Sophisticated road courses fit to host a Grand Prix are combined with a multifunction driving dynamic area which features a skid pad that will be sprinkled with water to enhance the excitement. An off-road course simulating a trip into a West Coast rainforest can be enjoyed with our rental SUV. What Disneyland is for children, our driving facility will be for people who love performance driving.

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Key Partners

From the initial concept of opening a track facility until the grand opening, this undertaking has incorporated the efforts of many key partners. Combine that with over 300 motorsport enthusiasts within the GAIN Dealer Group, the creative power of hundreds of passionate designers at Tilke GmbH and the reputation and network of one of the best Contractors such as SupErb Construction, and you’ve established the ultimate dream team.

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Circuit Experiences

Discover the very best of Canada’s only year-round motorsport facility through our circuit experiences where for one day, you will live like a member.

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Paddock Lounge

The Paddock Lounge brings a culinary grand prix of
locally forged and farm fresh ingredients onto the tables of our Circuit members, guests and catered functions.

Executive Chef, Castro Boateng and his team take the wheel to drive innovative and international flavours into each of the Paddock’s dishes. Making it an excellent introduction to the agricultural bounty of Cowichan Valley and Vancouver Island, which makes this a truly unique while sophisticated culinary experience.

Sound Management

Our business is centered around the passion for high performance vehicles, driver training, safety and
education. As such, we are continually striving to mitigate sound impacts associated with our operation.

Understanding sound – and the range of sounds in the area – has been an important part of our learning during our first year of operations. We are operating within acceptable noise levels and continually working towards further mitigating our sound impacts. Our two Class “A” sound monitoring systems register and record sound measurements daily during the time the track is operational.