“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual. “
–Vince Lombardi –

From the initial concept of opening a track facility until the grand opening, this undertaking has incorporated the efforts of many key partners. Combine that with over 300 motorsport enthusiasts within the GAIN Group, the creative power of hundreds of passionate designers at Tilke GmbH and the reputation and network of one of the best Contractors such as SupErb Construction, and you’ve established the ultimate dream team.

It is our sincere pleasure, to shine a spotlight on those who have made it possible to realize the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

Tilke GmbH

Best known for being the exclusive Formula 1 and Moto GP circuit designers in the world, Tilke has worked in the motorsport business for over 30 years.  Over the years they have designed various testing facilities, motorsport private clubs as well as road safety training centres, and other special-purpose sites, such as police training centres. Their passion to create the best tracks in the world is evident in the detailed design work they create, allowing even the most skilled driver a challenging course to master.

Though designing exciting and challenging tracks is always their first objective, Tilke also ensures all aspects of safety are incorporated.  Every track must possess its own individual character to include elements unfound in any other.


The GAIN Group

The GAIN Group is known on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia and within the brands they represent, as the premier dealer group with the utmost attention to client experience.  Our standard for operational excellence applies to each and everything we do. An important advantage to the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit is the strength of the GAIN Group. With over 550 employees, 80+ technicians and automotive specialists in all aspects of the industry from classic car restorations to the most advanced technology our brands have to offer, our partnerships and resources are just some of the many advantages that will ensure the stability and success of the Circuit.

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Villa Eyrie Resort

The Villa Eyrie Resort is a remote hideaway tucked high above the clouds on the wild Coast of the Pacific Ocean and the Finlayson Arm inlet. Located south facing of the Malahat Mountain chain with sweeping views over the City of Victoria, the Olympic Mountains and Mount Baker, the resort as our partner hotel of choice, offers adrenaline-fuelled members an opportunity to stay and experience a peaceful and relaxing retreat located only 25 minutes from the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

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SupErb Construction

SupErb Construction is a full-service firm providing all facets of construction services to the commercial and industrial markets. The company is led by Chris Erb who has an excellent reputation as an industry leader. Chris attributes the company’s success to working with strong project teams of experienced professionals.

“As a mid-sized company we possess the flexibility to accommodate changing customer needs quickly – before, during and after the project. Every project has our total dedication from start to completion.” ~ Chris Erb