An elegant clubhouse with classrooms, presentation area, welcoming entrance and stunning observation deck with a 180-degree view overlooking the track is the centre of business, hospitality and conversation. Ample parking, fuel service and a refined, convivial atmosphere make Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit the perfect place to spend the day – or the week. The clubhouse at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit is truly a driver’s heaven.

The Clubhouse Paddock Lounge

Plaston Architects in Toronto, and James E. Irwin Architect Inc. in Victoria have created a space that would make every car enthusiast and racing fanatic proud. Every angle of the Paddock Lounge offers views of the automotive action.

If you picture yourself sitting in the lounge enjoying a selection from the west coast menu at the restaurant, your attention will automatically go to the action on the track as other members drive and perform right in front of you.

The Paddock Restaurant is on the cutting edge of dining, delivering innovative techniques, fresh flavours, and exceptional service. Our menu is designed and prepared using local, organic, and fresh seasonal ingredients as the inspiration.

Pit Garages

Immediately below the observation deck and the driver’s lounge, members and guests will find the four pit garages. In a normal race track these garages are empty spaces that each team has to prepare for the event of the day.

At the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, we have prepared the pit garages for our members and guests to be an area where small technical adjustments can be completed. Two special in-floor race car hoists will allow cars to be raised in order to check over or facilitate small repairs under the car. Two spaces are designed for adjustments within the car, or to perform alterations to the exterior. A sophisticated alignment rack with corner scales is available for our technical team to assist members in setting the car up to suit the driver’s style and needs.

Timing & Coaching Services

Firstly, please allow us to make the following statement. Our members will enjoy the utmost privacy regarding lap times, sector times and similar numbers as they will never be published or shared unless otherwise noted. We have not finalized this part of the operations yet however, members can look forward to the opportunity to record their driving stints for friends and family to witness their fun and sheer excitement on the track.

Equipment available today is more advanced and sophisticated than ever before. Systems once reserved for the top race teams around the world are now available to us for any make or model of vehicle. With the help and guidance of our professional coaches and advanced software, our members will have the opportunity for one on one coaching sessions to review any areas of improvement. This would include lap techniques used to shave valuable seconds off of their lap times.

Locker Rooms

Like any professional sports facility, members will be able to arrive and change into their driving clothes and gear.

The locker rooms are located on the lower floor next to the pit garages and will be equipped with washrooms and showers for the convenience of the drivers.

The founding members of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit will enjoy a separate Founding Member locker room and will have the benefit of their personalized locker for life. Being special is part of our club, and every small detail is designed for making each member and guest feel that way.

Repair Facilities

For anyone who owns a boat, this information is nothing new, as you can fully understand the amount of work and effort it takes to get to and from the water. But what if they offered you a service where your boat would always be ready upon your arrival to the marina without ever having to take it there yourself?

At the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, we’ve done just that. We have designed our facilities with pit garages, on-site car storage and repair centres on site to eliminate the hassle of transportation. Imagine having your track car ready and waiting for you upon arrival, where the only requirements from yourself would be directions on what work you would like completed on your vehicle. From there, we will wash, fuel (with performance fuel) and prep your vehicle so it’s ready for you upon arrival.

We have made plans to take any repair, maintenance and modification off the hands of our members. We will have the very best in tire manufacturers to provide suitable track tires for year round driving, the most sophisticated and modern tire change and balancing equipment to ensure optimal lap times and fuel stations providing on-site high-performance fuel to support both the high compression engines of exotic sports cars and our everyday performance vehicles.

For any extended servicing that may be required, we are equipped with on-site repair facilities and factory-trained technicians to ensure your vehicle is ready for your next drive. Lastly, should any member require major repairs, we will have your vehicle transported to one of our 10 dealerships within the GAIN Dealer Group. With over 50 highly skilled technicians, members can rest assured that their vehicles will be well cared for.

Storage Facilities

As the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit attracts people from all over Canada, the United States, and as far away as Europe and Asia. A part of our plan from the beginning was to provide facilities and services to store and prepare track cars for many of our members. It is a simple and effective concept. We will help you ship your track car to Vancouver Island. The vehicle will be stored for the member and maintained and repaired in track-ready condition.

The technicians working with our 10 dealerships have an international background, and their years of experience are supported by factory training. They will be able to take on the maintenance of all makes and models of track cars.

Our Italian Dealership will specialize in all cars originating from that country, while the German brand technicians will oversee work on the German brands, as well as a selection of British cars.

The client and guest experience takes on a new meaning as members need only drive or fly here and everything else will be ready for them. Every minute of our members’ time can be spent doing what they enjoy, and no further time is required to deal with car transport, tire and brake repairs, or even to prepare the car to pass the mandatory technical inspection.

If you are a client of the GAIN Dealer Group, you know we are respected for exceptional client service. Now this level of dedication and service is extended to our newest addition, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

Track Ready Services

Like so many other services offered, our track ready service is designed to maximize our members’ driving time while reducing or completely removing the inconvenience of preparing your track vehicle for your next driving day.

Service such as car cleaning, oil changes, fueling with the grade of your choice, tire pressure adjustments, wheel alignments, corner weighing, ride height adjustment, tire changes, brake services, brake repairs, and so many other jobs fall under this category of services we offer at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

With over 10 dealerships to support and over 50 highly skilled technicians within the GAIN Dealer Group, these jobs are simple for us to perform and will be provided to our members at competitive rates. Just imagine, stepping out of your vehicle after your stint on the track and spending a simple 5-minute walk around to point out any requirements you may have to prepare your vehicle for your next visit.

Concierge Service

The Concierge Service is one of the most important parts of our club. One simple call is enough to book driving times, hotel rooms, golf course selection and tee off times, fishing charters, dinner reservations, spa treatments, special arrangements and any other activity or requirement of your interest.

Vancouver Island is waiting to be explored and with a mild climate such as ours all year round, there are enough activities on the island for you and your guests to enjoy in between or in conjunction with your track days.

The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit will take center stage as one of the Island’s most exciting attractions, but the thousands of dedicated people in the tourism, culinary and entertainment industry are ready to serve each of our members and visitors to ensure their stay with us creates memories to last a lifetime. Get ready for a service level like no other Motorsport Facility can offer. We at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit are not here to just build a track facility, we are here to build a club for like minded people who share a passion for performance driving but aren’t willing to sacrifice the level of service they enjoy in every other part of their lives.