In October 2016, we engaged Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. to conduct a study of the noise created by the operation of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. Their findings have helped us build a foundation for our sound mitigation.

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Implemented Noise Policy

When our staff received the noise study from Wakefield Acoustics Ltd, it became clear that noise management is a highly specialized field. We immediately began to make improvements and carry out additional research. All of our telephones apps were replaced by a recommended professional sound measuring device.

The values of noise generated at the Circuit were fully explained by Wakefield Acoustics. We started to research respected motorsport facilities across North America. After a few weeks we understood how the best facilities manage noise. The specialists from Wakefield Acoustics also explained what makes a difference to the way sound and noise travel.

Our research informed the first draft of our sound policy. After a meeting with the sound meter supplier we finalized and implemented a strict policy in November 2016.

This policy is now active every day of the year. All staff at the Circuit are trained to follow this policy at all times.


Ongoing & Future Noise Mitigation

Status Quo is not in our vocabulary and our team at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, our contractors, consultants and specialists will continue to to explore new noise mitigation strategies. Wanting to be good neighbours and doing what we can to address community concerns is part of our philosophy.

For example, in a recent discussion with the sound and noise specialists at Wakefield Acoustics Ltd. it came to light that high ground cover and softer surfaces absorb noise better than a short hard ground cover. We commissioned a local Cowichan landscape company to fertilize the infields of the circuit to enhance the growth of our plants and grass in an attempt to help with the sound created from the circuit. We will continue to monitor the sound as we progress.

Our team is also working with the Municipality of North Cowichan to develop a professional sound monitoring system. This will be a great tool to monitor noise levels, identify their source and provide proper data to help with sound mitigation.