The main Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit is comprised of seven different track configurations. Sophisticated road courses fit to host a Grand Prix are combined with a multifunction driving dynamic area which features a skid pad that will be sprinkled with water to enhance the excitement. An off-road course simulating a trip into a West Coast rainforest can be enjoyed with our rental SUV. What Disneyland is for children, our driving facility will be for people who love performance driving.


Excitement, probably the best word to describe our road course. However, in a classification ranking, the road course layout combinations would definitely be rated extra difficult and demanding both on the driver and the car. Combine 19 corners and incredible elevation changes (over 91 metres of elevation changes per lap) with a constant change of corner banking and it’ll surely give our members and our guest drivers enough challenges to master while also creating memories to last a lifetime. In addition, we will have an off road course which will include over 1 km of 10 challenging elements to conquer.

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Circuit Operations

From the moment you drive through the gate to begin your driving day until you leave the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, we are dedicated to serving you in a way that creates incredible memories and allows you to fulfil your passion for performance driving. Our team of guest experience personnel include: instructors, performance coaches, marshals, maintenance technicians, and those working in our West Coast inspired restaurant. All have been selected and trained to be the most accomplished of any driving facility in North America.

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Your safety is our first concern. We began our quest to engineer safe driving operations over a year ago. One of the reasons we have enlisted the design services of Tilke GmbH is the simple fact that they are the best in the industry. Our track was designed by a team of hundreds of designers, engineers, mathematicians, physicists, and race car drivers.

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