From the moment you enter through the gate to begin your driving day, until you leave the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, we are dedicated to serving you in a way that creates incredible memories and allows you to fulfill your passion for performance driving. Our team of guest experience personnel include: instructors, performance coaches, marshals, maintenance technicians, and those working in our West Coast inspired restaurant. All have been selected and trained to be the most accomplished of any driving facility in North America.

The single biggest difference between the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit operations to any other facility in Canada are the weather conditions. While all other tracks have to halt all driving operations between October to May, we are able to offer our members, clubs and company daily rental clients 12 months of driving opportunities.

Driving events will be held each day from morning until evening as daylight allows.  During the spring and the summer months, we will facilitate morning and afternoon driving stints while reducing this to morning or afternoon on the shorter winter days. We will host 20 member days with a minimum of three weekends per month, while our corporate or club rental clients have 10-11 days with a minimum of one weekend per month.

The maximum number of memberships has been limited to guarantee that each driver has enough track days each year.  Our designers have also calculated that a maximum of 15 cars at the same time would guarantee each driver the space needed to enjoy their driving stint with enough room to try different racing lines and braking points to find their ideal lap.

Another additional value at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit will be the availability of performance coaching including the use of lap timing and monitoring equipment.  Imagine sitting with a performance coach during or after your driving session, and receiving instruction in order to actually understand where and how to improve your performance. By comparing inputs like braking points, throttle position, steering angle, speed, rpm, gear and driving line with an experienced professional, you will begin to understand where time was lost and how to improve your overall lap time.

On top of that, you will be able to go home with video footage of your lap times highlighting all of the criteria pertaining to your laps and possibly even footage capturing your reactions while driving. Imagine the impact that could have in the office or at home in the following week.