An elegant clubhouse with classrooms, presentation area, welcoming entrance and stunning observation deck with a 180-degree view overlooking the track is the centre of business, hospitality and conversation. Ample parking, fuel service and a refined, convivial atmosphere make Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit the perfect place to spend the day – or the week. The clubhouse at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit is truly a driver’s heaven.

The Clubhouse Paddock Lounge

Sit back, relax and enjoy the action on the Circuit within our 15,000 sq. ft Clubhouse, 180 degrees of motorsport activities on our observation deck and a west coast farm to table dining experience at the Paddock Lounge made fresh daily from our in-house culinary team.

Pit Garages

Immediately below the observation deck and the driver’s lounge, members and guests will find the four pit garages.  Equipped with two in-floor ravaglioli hoists, a sophisticated alignment rack with corner scales and an on-site tire machine, our pit garages have what you need to ensure your vehicle is ready for the track.

Timing & Coaching Services

Our members will enjoy the utmost privacy regarding lap times, sector times and similar numbers as they will never be published or shared unless otherwise noted. With the help and guidance of our professional coaches and advanced software, our members will have the opportunity for one on one coaching sessions to review any areas of improvement. This would include lap techniques used to shave valuable seconds off of their lap times.

Locker Rooms

Like any professional sports facility, members and guests have access to our on-site locker rooms which are equipped with both washrooms and showers for the convenience of the drivers.  So no matter where you’re coming from, you will be able to arrive and change into your driving clothes and gear.

Repair Facilities

We have designed our facilities with pit garages, on-site car storage and repair centres on site to eliminate the hassle of transportation. Imagine having your track car ready and waiting for you upon arrival, where the only requirements from yourself would be directions on what work you would like completed on your vehicle. From there, we will wash, fuel on site (with performance fuel) and prep your vehicle so it’s ready for you upon arrival.

For any extended servicing that may be required, we are equipped with on-site repair facilities and factory-trained technicians to ensure your vehicle is ready for your next drive. Lastly, should any member require major repairs, we will have your vehicle transported to one of our 10 dealerships within the GAIN Group. With over 50 highly skilled technicians, members can rest assured that their vehicles will be well cared for.

Storage Facilities

As the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit attracts people from all over Canada, the United States, and as far away as Europe and Asia. A part of our plan from the beginning was to provide facilities and services to store and prepare track cars for many of our members. It is a simple and effective concept. We will help you ship your track car to Vancouver Island. The vehicle will be stored for the member and maintained and repaired in track-ready condition. The client and guest experience takes on a new meaning as members need only drive or fly here and everything else will be ready for them.

Track Ready Services

Like so many other services offered, our track ready service is designed to maximize our members’ driving time while reducing or completely removing the inconvenience of preparing your track vehicle for your next driving day.

Service such as car cleaning, oil changes, fuelling, tire pressure adjustments, wheel alignments, corner weighing, ride height adjustment, tire changes, brake services, brake repairs, and so many other jobs fall under this category of services we offer at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

Concierge Service

The Concierge Service is one of the most important parts of our club. One simple call is enough to book driving times, hotel rooms, golf course selection and tee off times, fishing charters, dinner reservations, spa treatments, special arrangements and any other activity or requirement of your interest.

We at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit are not here to just build a track facility, we are here to build a club for like minded people who share a passion for performance driving but aren’t willing to sacrifice the level of service they enjoy in every other part of their lives.