This program driving is as much about being prepared as it is about reading the road conditions and other drivers that operate on our streets and highways. Since it is not possible to safely practice these types of situations on public roads, the safe track experience of knowing how a car behaves in extreme situations plays a major role in a driver’s confidence and capabilities.

This training program was specifically designed to new or youth drivers you in real life situations, as we focus on you as the driver and on the logistics of your vehicle. You will learn how to skillfully assess difficult situations, respond safely and then be able to drive on calmly. We strongly believe that understanding your position of the vehicle in traffic, reading other drivers and proper awareness of your surroundings not only makes you a more informed and confident driver, and ultimately a much safer one.

A short classroom component about the theory of driving, driver control and the physics of vehicles. Followed by, driving drills in the Dynamic Drive area: Practising a range of exercises that include emergency and target braking, dynamic lane changes, and deliberately induced understeering or oversteering. Followed by lead follow on the Circuit.

Full day (9am- 4pm) Program: $399* + tax per person (Lunch included).

Bring your own car or use one of ours for an additional $150

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*Taxes not included. Participants must have learners permit or valid drivers license. Minimum age 16 years. Prices and program are subject to change at any time.