Life as a member combines the fun of track days with the exclusivity and experience of a private member’s club. Enjoy hours of track time with like minded car enthusiasts on Canada’s newest and most exciting track facility.

Whether you’re a novice track driver or a seasoned racer, unlike other track facilities in the country, members will have access to a minimum of 20 membership days per month, all year round. Nowhere else in Canada will you be able to drive your track car 12 months of the year, as our summers are never hot enough nor are our winters cold enough to close the facilities for more than a few days in the year.

Our membership packages have been designed to provide the maximum amount of excitement and value while also providing a world-class facility in both track and Clubhouse. As a member, your current abilities as a driver become irrelevant with the help of our professional instructors and our Performance Driving Academy. Through their guidance, they will take you step by step through tailored one-on-one coaching to progressively enhance your driving skills, while our team of performance technicians will advise and help to keep your track car at peak levels.

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Membership FAQs

Have questions about becoming a member of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit?

Such as what amenities are available or can I store my vehicle? The answer to these and many more can be found on our FAQs page.

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Circuit Testimonials

We are so honoured to have hosted and continue to host so many incredible members and guest at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

Here is what some of our guests have had to say about the Circuit.

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Drive, visit or experience the Circuit today!

Discover the very best of Canada’s only year-round motorsport facility through our one-day comprehensive driving experience programs.

Alongside your personal driving coach, you will have the opportunity to experience some of the finest performance cars in our fleet.

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