What are the membership types?

The Circuit will offer memberships customized to satisfy even the most discerning driver.
Founding Members: When only the very best be satisfactory
Individual Members: A great choice unmatched in any facility in Canada and combined with services and activities so unique, that we can say with confidence that no matter where our members come from, they will look forward to every time they visit our beautiful island and the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.
Corporate Members: The choice for companies and corporations who want to offer their management team or top clients a unique and amazing experience, while capitalizing on loyalty and appreciation.

What amenities does the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit offer?

Our Facility was conceived, planned, designed and built with our guests in mind. Every aspect of our facility was thought out and built to offer our members a facility that they will call “their club” and consider “their home away from home”. We hope that our members, guests and others will want to be at the club whether they’re booked for their driving day or not, simply because they enjoy the facilities, the clubhouse and most importantly, the company of like-minded individuals.

The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit offers a Tilke GmbH designed road track, 3-acre driving dynamic area and a soon to be off-road track. A 15,000 sq. ft. Clubhouse will serve our guests with a Presentation Centre, 4 Pit Garages, locker rooms, change rooms, showers and washroom facilities, a full-service commercial kitchen serving the Paddock Lounge, training rooms and a wrap around observation deck overlooking the track activities while the track marshal and performance office will serve as the safety centre and coaching centre for our members.

Will I be able to store my track car at the facility so I don’t have to transport it every time I want to drive?

Yes, there will be an onsite storage facility at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit that is available to our members. This storage facility will be built to store sports, performance or vintage cars with the utmost attention to safety, security and to have them ready within a few days notice when booking your the next driving day.

How will the flow and track activity be monitored?

A track control person in our state-of-the-art control room will monitor every part of the track. Every part of the track will be monitored by strategically placed cameras to witness any incident, accident and more importantly, to make drivers aware of any incidents on the track that may affect them and the ability to dispatch support vehicles if needed.

Are any of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit amenities open to public access?

All of the major facilities are reserved exclusively for Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit members and guests. However, there will be days where the facilities open their door to the public, for example to the Vancouver Island Motor Gathering in August of each year and to corporate rental clients and experience guests.

Is the Circuit safe for beginners?

The track facilities at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit are designed with the safety of members and guests as the utmost concern. The track facilities will be professionally operated with a highly trained team on the ground. The safety runoff areas, protective barrier systems and guardrails are all designed for safety. Drivers and vehicles will pass a full safety inspection and orientation program prior to track use in order to ensure the ultimate motorsport experience for all members.

How can I transport my car to the Circuit?

The member services staff at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit can arrange vehicle transportation from anywhere. The Circuit staff has strong working relationships with a number of pre-qualified, bonded shipping and transport companies’ worldwide.

Will there be a driving school or drivers training at the Circuit?

The members driving instruction program is available. A variety of world-class drivers and instructors will be available in a wide range of platforms to provide the ultimate experience. This experience will only be available to members and their guests.

Are fuel and tires available at the Circuit?

Yes. High-octane fuels are available on-site, as well as minor repair and maintenance services and of course the track ready service and onsite storage for the ultimate convenience. This will continue to develop more over the next few years.

What type of cars will be allowed on the track?

The track manager will make the final decision on which cars will be permitted on the track based upon vehicle inspections prior to arrival and the driver’s experience and rating. Generally speaking, any car that is deemed safe with the appropriate driver will be allowed, including street, vintage and high performance cars. All vehicles are also required to pass our sound policy.

Is the Circuit open year-round?

Yes. The club will be open year round for members and their guests with the exception of Christmas Day and Remembrance Day.  Even on days we get snow, the track will be up and running after being cleared as we will also be offering our winter driving programs similar to those you find from our manufacturers.

Do I need a racing license?

No prior driving experience is necessary, however we would like our members to possess a passion for performance cars and driving so that we can help them become the driver they would like to become. Our team of instructors are available to work with drivers of all skill levels.

What can I drive on track?

Members can drive any vehicle as long as it passes our safety inspection. Dedicated track cars are not required.  Most members will be driving street cars such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, BMW, Ferrari, Lotus, and many others.  The vehicle will have to pass an inspection prior to being tracked and must be deemed safe and fitting for our track operations. Both vehicles and drivers will be sorted and allowed to drive in groups based on their lap times. We allow vintage sports cars, high performance cars, track cars, sports cars and even motorcycles.

What happens if it rains?

Track days will run rain or shine.

Can I bring guests?

Driving and non-driving guests are permitted as per their membership agreement.  All guests must sign a waiver and wear the proper safety gear as specified by the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. All drivers require prior approval in order to have guests in their vehicles.

Can I join as a motorcycle member?

At the current time, membership is only being offered for cars but we will be offering it in the near future.