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Ladies and Gentleman, obviously you are aware that we are building a Motorsport Resort and if you have been keeping an eye on our website from time to time, you would have seen the various updates regarding the progress our construction team is making.  You may have also seen a few teaser articles in the press highlighting the many details that make our track unique in Canada and to some extent, in North America.
Talking about the progress and saying everything is on target would simply be an understatement. Tilke Architects and Engineering (the designers), SupErb Construction (the General Contractor) and Triple T (the company responsible for the excavation and all the ground work including the grading and preparations for paving) have formed a great team that has taken full advantage of the incredible weather we have experienced thus far in 2015.
As we speak, the track layout for phase one is close to completion and the course has been graded to the Tilke Design and the fine tuning will soon begin before the paving company takes over to install the first layer of asphalt.  Soon we will begin pouring the foundation for the clubhouse as the design is almost finalized.
We have already hosted a few tours of the project and the enthusiasm would also be understated.  “One of a kind in Canada, amazing vision, tremendous difficulty, the place to be, incredible nature all around” are just a few of the statements from our visitors. Our manufacturers, a few select individuals and potential future partners of the resort (tires, sponsors, and equipment) have seen the construction site and have had the opportunity to see the plans and the layout from the air.
In September, we will be ready to offer the same tours to people interested in becoming a member. We will host groups of 10 to 15 people at a time and show you hopefully “your club” in one fun-filled day.  We’d like to advise that there will be a limit of 300 memberships sold for the first phase. That number of people should guarantee the right amount of seat or track time for all members as the number of drivers on the track at one time will be limited.
Fun and excitement are some of the keywords that are written into our business plan and it is our goal that every person completing a day of driving at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort (VIMR) will want to come back again and again.
The thrill of the track with its 19 corners and amazing elevation changes, the convenience of the on-site track car storage with track ready service, the hospitality of a state-of-the-art clubhouse and pit building, trained professionals to satisfy the needs of every guest as well as the depth of support through the GAIN Dealer Group in every aspect are only a few of the attributes of the VIMR.
It will become a place that motorsport enthusiasts from all over Canada and the U.S. will find attractive as we can boast Canada’s mildest weather and stunning island surroundings ready for any activity or adventure to entertain all guests.  In addition to all that, we will be able to announce a hotel resort soon that will compliment VIMR with fine dining, breath taking views from every room and a feeling of an amazing resort experience that includes a world-class concierge service to make every visit memorable.
A few inquiries have come from Victoria or various places on Vancouver Island, many others have come from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and other major cities within Canada.  However, many have been from the hotter parts of the U.S. ready to enjoy a place with a cooler climate to drive their sports car.  Some inquiries have even contacted us from as far away as Asia and Europe.  We will do whatever we can, to build something so special it will be worth the trip and take all the hassle out of the process for you and your guests.
Below this letter, there will be information offering further details of phase one and even give a glimpse into some of the design elements of phase two.  Phase one will be our “Motordrome” with an extremely demanding course layout that will continuously challenge the driver. Tilke has also come up with a terrific idea for the planned second phase as our version of the “Green Hell”. Drivers will leave the open phase one terrain and drive into the forest as only a minimal amount of trees will be removed. On sunny days you will drive into the cool forest.  On wet days you will fight the slippery road as the shade of the trees will keep the track wet for a long time. However, on every given day, the two phases will provide a contrasting driving environment making any stint interesting and challenging at the same time.
Below, you will see the latest renderings of the clubhouse, the main entrance gate and views towards the clubhouse. We truly hope you will find these designs something special for you.

Welcome to the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort

We are now just a few weeks away from formally introducing our vision for the membership at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort (VIMR). Ahead of the official announcement, we would like to share a few details of what can be expected as a member of our motorsport club. Every detail of this project has been carefully considered to provide the enthusiast a superlative driving experience and offer a truly amazing club to simply belong and enjoy anything and everything around fast cars of any age.

    “Here comes 40. I’m feeling my age and I’ve ordered a sports car. I’m going to get the whole mid-life crisis package.” – Keanu Reeves


  • You can join in the fall of 2015 the most exclusive automotive country club in Canada
  • Your time and your enjoyment starts when you book your driving days and your activities with our concierge service taking care of every detail
  • Golf, Fishing, SPA, Restaurants and many other activities partners are ready to offer a world class experience every time you visit.
  • Your exclusive membership at the VIMR offers approximately 350 days a year driving enjoyment
  • Canada’s only Tilke designed facility including track lay out, run off areas, tire barriers, guard rails to the highest safety standards and was designed to achieve the most excitement every time you drive
  • The track will be built in two phases with 6 track combinations and the final length is planned to be appoximately 4.21 km
  • State of the art safety equipment with cameras, digital traffic lights around the track
  • An optional on site secure car storage and track ready service of your Automobile is available with arranged pick up service from your home town. All you have to do is travel to Vancouver Island, leave the rest to us
  • A 15,000 square foot state of the art club house and pit garage building inclusive set up bay and in car technology is available to help you improve your lap times
  • A 5 diamond Partner Hotel Resort to be announced in the fall of 2015 with fractional ownership opportunity to give you the perfect home away from home
  • A 5 diamond West coast culinary services offered at the club house as partner kitchen with the Hotel resort

Nestled in Vancouver Island’s Cowichan Valley

Surrounded by mountains, rivers, and forests, the VIMR enjoys a spectacular setting in Vancouver Island’s Cowichan Valley, which takes its name from a First Nations word meaning “the warm land.” The sheltering mountain ranges contribute to the creation of Canada’s most temperate climate. The Cowichan Valley, by virtue of its climate, has established a standing for its wines and long growing season.

The mildness of the climate will make it possible for VIMR members to enjoy approximately 350 driving days per year. This will prove advantageous for both drivers and their cars, as stress related to heat in the midst of the summer will be greatly reduced.

Tracks elsewhere in Canada can be restricted to fewer than six months of driving days throughout the year, making our Vancouver Island location all the more desirable to those who would rather drive their cars than imagine themselves behind the wheel from October to May.

Members travelling to Vancouver Island will arrive at Victoria International Airport (Airports Council International’s 2014 First Place Winner North America – Serving up to 2 Million passengers per year), or via the Nanaimo Airport. Rental cars are available at both airports.

Those traveling by ferry will cross with BC Ferries, Washington State Ferries, or Black Ball Ferries; all systems offer frequent and scenic service to Vancouver Island. Travel time to the VIMR will take about an hour after arriving on the Island.

The Track

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Phase One

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Phase 1 connection to Phase 2

Conceived by Tilke GmbH & Co. KG, the world’s foremost designer of race and test facilities, the circuit at the VIMR promises drivers the opportunity to enjoy their cars to the fullest. Phase one will comprise of 19 corners, 5 different configurations and elevation changes of over 25 meters with inclines of up to 12% and declines of a similar level. The second phase planned, will extend the track length to 4.21 Km.  The track will provide valuable experience for the novice, and myriad challenges for the accomplished.

On a recent visit to Victoria, Peter Wahl, Architect, Engineer, and Managing Partner at Tilke GmbH & Co. KG, offered his thoughts on the design of the track:

    “It is a big pleasure for us to design the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort. We are excited as it is our first project in Canada and also because club facilities contain as many different exciting elements as major international race tracks. Club tracks have even more opportunities regarding design of the track and especially this project with the very lively topography will become a unique and very interesting track.”

Wahl’s enthusiasm for the project is apparent, and he provided his perspective of what the track will ask of the driver,

    “The track is divided in two characteristic sections. Turn 1 till turn 5 represent the high-speed section. Especially turn 3 requires a lot of driving experience and courage. The topography creates a unique driving experience one can only experience on race respectively test and presentation tracks. From turn 6 the driver will go through the more technical part of the track. Particularly here it needs a very precise driving routine. The interaction between braking and accelerating as well as a precise turning makes the difference. Later on the course the driver will experience different exciting curve characteristics, which are due to our individual design. The track combines the aspects of “exclusivity,” “excitement,” “uniqueness,” and “challenge!”

In the event of a mistake or mechanical failure, the circuit features run-off areas to protect both driver and automobile, a feature unique in respect to other Canadian club circuits.

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort – Corner 11 and Shortcut

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort – View Towards Corner Combination 17 to 19

A good design is only the beginning. VIMR facilities are being built by SupErb Construction, and their network of talented and reputable sub-trades. These companies represent the very best of the building trades in Canada and their past building projects are a testament to that statement.

The VIMR business plan has deliberately situated the track and associated buildings on private land to avoid any long-term liabilities or encumbrances. Supported by GAIN, a strong Dealer Group which will provide assistance with marketing, training, staffing, and booking, the VIMR will enjoy financial sustainability.

    “And suddenly I realized that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was driving it by a kind of instinct, only I was in a different dimension.” –  Ayrton Senna

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort – Pit Lane & Clubhouse

The Clubhouse

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Clubhouse Rendering Parking Side

The two-level, 15,000 sq. ft. Clubhouse has been designed to reflect the anticipated needs and wishes of VIMR members. Beginning the driving day, members will make their way to the designated changing rooms to don their driving gear and secure personal effects. Full shower facilities are available to be enjoyed upon the conclusion of the driving session.

On the lower level, four pit garages face the track. Three of the bays will be available to members to prepare their cars prior to taking to the track, and will provide a quiet and cool place to mentally prepare for the session to come. Members who have stored their car with VIMR will be reunited with it in one of the bays. The fourth bay will house a specialized wheel alignment rack which is able to fine tune the chassis of the most sensitive sports car. Those searching to improve their lap times will find this equipment invaluable. Factory trained or vintage cat experienced Technicians will be available to assist in finding those elusive tenths of seconds.

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Clubhouse Rendering Track Side

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Clubhouse Pit Garages

Welcome to the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort

A Clubhouse should be just that a place to relax and enjoy the company of other enthusiasts. Members who are taking a break from driving, or are simply enjoying the ambiance of the resort, will appreciate the track-side observation deck. Situated directly above the pit lane, the deck will offer the immediacy of the sounds and smells of the action unfolding below.

A beautiful club room designed to accommodate groups of varying sizes is available with a 5-Star kitchen and bar service. These facilities will be available to members to celebrate milestone events in their lives. Able to accommodate up to 300 guests, the resort will be a fascinating alternative to the traditional golf club reception.

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Clubhouse Room

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Meeting Rooms


A large presentation room will offer a range of displays of interest to members, the theme and image changing on a regular basis.

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort – Presentation Centre

On-Site Car Storage and Track Ready Service

VIMR members may choose the convenience of leaving their car in the secure and temperature controlled storage facility at the resort. Professional delivery of the car to the resort can be arranged to remove any anxiety or concern on the behalf of the owner.

The car will be maintained to ‘’turn-key’’ status, allowing the owner to enjoy uninterrupted driving time when visiting the resort. Factory trained technicians representing Alfa Romeo, Audi S, BMW M, Mercedes-Benz AMG, MINI JCW, and Porsche will be available to ensure your car is serviced and maintained to the very highest standard.

Members who appreciate vintage racing or sports cars will have the opportunity to have their cars serviced and repaired by technicians representing Rudi & Company, a world-renowned company specializing in the restoration and repair of significant automobiles.

Upon the conclusion of the driving day, your car will be inspected. Any attention required to the car will be accomplished ahead of the next driving session. The car will be presented back at the track clean, fueled, and properly adjusted.

    “Just being a mediocre driver has never been my ambition. That’s not my style.”  – Michael Schumacher

Membership Packages

There are a plethora of reasons why enthusiasts will want to subscribe to a membership with VIMR. You already know yours. Our packages are designed to provide lasting value and participation. Recognizing that time is a valuable commodity, three distinct membership packages will be offered, providing a level of commitment that will ensure maximum enjoyment.

Membership pricing is quoted in Canadian Dollars, in the interest of avoiding uncertainties in world money market fluctuations.

Full details of the features and membership with the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort will be announced in the coming weeks. Are you excited?