Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.
We also want to protect the value of your track car with our organized operations, which feature a well-trained team combined with the most advanced equipment and track features.

This mandate for safety was one of the reasons why we decided to work with Tilke GmbH. There isn’t a track designer more experienced. No other designer has established a reputation supported by the trust of FIA, Formula 1, Moto GP, and most other leading R racing series promoters.

The team of more than 100 engineers and architects at Tilke GMBH are experienced, and have developed the software and processes to design each metre, each corner, and every grade of the track with the driver’s safety in mind. While others may copy corners from other tracks, or entrust a person with no experience in this extremely important task, the Tilke Team will not compromise.

Every aspect of the track layout to the grading, and even the asphalt mixture, are specially designed. Curbing in the correct position of every corner is there to play a definite role in the taking of a safe racing line, while maximizing the speed carrying through the corner.

When all of these safety features are not enough, and a driver is pushed too far out of a corner, modern paved run off areas will allow the driver to correct and return to the track. Only in the most extreme cases will a purposely designed gravel bed perform to slow the vehicle before it would be stopped by the Tilke patented 6 pack tire barriers and guard rails. As an aside, we will assemble over 20,000 tires into our tire barriers using over 120,000 high strength nuts, washers, and bolts.

While members or corporate clients drive, they can always be certain there is a team of marshals and instructors watching over them, supported with the most sophisticated track safety features and equipment available today. A network of track cameras will be combined with digital safety flags. This will allow the track marshals to react to any incident and to quickly advise and alert following drivers of the possible danger ahead. One of our values will be to always provide every member with the most fun and excitement combined with the least amount of risk.