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Adventure Awaits

At The Island Circuit

The Circuit

Best known for being the exclusive Formula 1 and Moto GP circuit designers in the world, Tilke has worked in the motorsport business for over 30 years. Over the years they have designed various testing facilities, motorsport private clubs as well as road safety training centres. Their passion to create the best tracks in the world is evident in the detailed design work they create, allowing even the most skilled driver a challenging course to master. The Result…a 19-turn, 2.3-kilometre road circuit with breathtaking elevation changes of up to 11.5%. With up to five different track configurations and being Canada’s only year-round motorsport circuit, this first class operation has everything you need to host the perfect event.

Drive, Visit Or Experience

Discover the very best of Canada’s only year-round motorsport facility through a selection of circuit experiences available to any enthusiast. Our motorsport club is open to the public to experience track days, driver’s training, performance driving programs, venue rentals and even complimentary tours of our facilities.

Sound Management

Our business is centered around the passion for high performance vehicles, driver training, safety and education. As such, we are continually striving to mitigate sound impacts associated with our operation.

Understanding sound – and the range of sounds in the area – has been an important part of our learning during our first year of operations. We are operating within acceptable noise levels and continually working towards further mitigating our sound impacts. Our two Class “A” sound monitoring systems register and record sound measurements daily during the time the track is operational.