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Ready, Set, Drive

Circuit Experiences

Seeking an adrenaline-filled adventure at Canada’s only year-round motorsport circuit? Choose from our diverse portfolio of exhilarating circuit programs and/or exclusive driving tours set before the backdrop of picturesque Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia. We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect experience leaving you grinning from ear to ear.

Driving Experiences

Taste Of The Circuit
Experience the excitement of Canada’s only year-round motorsport facility! Whether you’re a novice looking for an adventure or an experienced driver hoping to hone in on your performance driving skills, our “Taste of the Circuit” program offers an exhilarating ride for all participants.
Performance Driving Program
Designed for those looking to sharpen their driving skills and enter the world of performance driving. Perfect your driving and experience full comprehension of understeering and oversteering.
Circuit Hot Laps
Take your seat as a passenger in a Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit Taxis while one of our highly trained driving instructors. Experience an up close and personal motorsport adventure with five thrilling laps, 19 dynamic corners, 91 elevation changes per lap, and picturesque views.
Ladies Driving Program
It’s about time. A driving program for ladies only. Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit is proud to continue its' Ladies Driving Experience Programs. A classroom primer kicks off the day followed by an exhilarating driving program, the way a professional would experience it. Skill-building and heart-pounding, this is an experience that will last a lifetime.
Open Lapping Program
Challenge yourself in a whole new way. Drive at your pace, your time and perfect your lines within a safe and controlled environment! What are you waiting for? Book today!
Winter Driving Experience
Conquer All Seasons

Tour Experiences

Tour d’Italia
Soak in Vancouver Island’s stunning scenery while cruising in beautiful, soul-satisfying Italian designed automobiles that embody Italy’s heritage of speed and art.
A Taste Of Germany
Tradition. Pride. Excellence. As the pioneers of the automobile, Germans are famed for producing some of the most legendary vehicles of all time.
Classic Car Tour
If you’re not already a classic car aficionado, this offer will make you one! All accompanied by lavish accommodations and exquisite alpine-inspired cuisine, with this tour package you will be able to rent one of our vintage models.