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Formula 1 Predictions

If it wasn’t assumed, our team is very passionate about motorsports and devote followers of various racing series around the world. Formula 1 is a fan favourite as it is considered the highest level of motorsport racing and we are very much looking forward to the first F1 race of 2022 on Sunday March 20th in Bahrain!

As with many sports enthusiasts, we each have our own thoughts and predictions about the upcoming year in F1. Below are a few pre-season thoughts from some of our team members…what are your thoughts?

Bradlei – Circuit Instructor:

“I only take the time to closely follow two world-wide series, one is the World Rally Championship, and the other is F1. Last season was the best and closest racing that we’ve seen in F1 in several years, and I suspect 2022 is going to be even better. I’m most keen to see if there’s any shuffling of overall positions due to how each F1 team deals with the new regulation changes, especially with this year’s very different tire sizes. I’m also excited to see if #63 George Russell can get a championship in his first year with Mercedes-AMG.”

Jonathan – Circuit Instructor:

“After a gripping 2021 season, 2022 is surely lining up to be a thriller. George Russell’s move to Mercedes without a doubt will throw a curveball towards Max and Lewis in the title fight. Mick Schumacher, now entering his second F1 season, absolutely has the possibility of duking it out for point scoring positions. He’s settled in and hungry to prove himself, after last season’s series of unfortunate events. An entirely new chassis creates a new playing field for all the drivers. This season might just be the perfect storm to fill all our F1 needs.”

Dan – Circuit Operations Lead:

“This year is going to be quite the season for F1. With so many driver changes, car changes, and regulation changes, there are many unknowns that I am interested in seeing how they play out. I was rooting for Max to take home the championship last year, and am happy he did, but as far as a team to look out for in 2022, I am rooting for Ferrari. Ferrari has always held a special place in my heart with memories of my grandfather watching F1 and always wearing a Ferrari hat. Leclerc has what it takes to be a champion and one day he will get his title, will it be in 2022? Only time will tell.”

If you’re tuning in like we are you can watch F1 races on TSN or stream for a monthly/annual fee from F1’s website, https://www.formula1.com/en/subscribe-to-f1-tv.html#en-CA. Enjoy the season!