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Under the umbrella of the GAIN group, Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit undoubtedly benefits from the opportunity to feature a range of performance vehicles as part of the circuit fleet. When clients register for programs such as Taste of the Circuit, High Performance Driving Experience, or the Island Luxury Tour, they also have an opportunity to add to their experience with the option of fleet rental. This month we’d like to pay homage to one of our most reliable and beautiful fleet members, the Alfa Romeo 4C!

Alfa Romeo 4C - Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit

The Alfa 4C is a very light weight car with a low centre of gravity. Not unlike the Lotus Exige S, where that car is supercharged, the 4C has an impressive turbocharger. There’s an enormous amount of feedback for the driver, making for a driving experience that is often described as ‘raw’ or ‘visceral.’ The 4C has an automatic shifting manual transmission, little power steering (giving the driver a bit of a workout 😊) but does offer a rewardingly direct and communicative feel throughout steering.

Visually, the 4C is stunning, and a true Italian exotic! With the main body comprised of carbon fibre, no other car in our fleet has such evocative curves and lines. It is an absolute pleasure to drive!

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