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Automotive enthusiasts come in all types. From encyclopedic knowledge of cars specs, passionate performance drivers, precision auto tuners, kit modifiers, and of course photographers who lovingly capture the unique interplay of light on complex curves and edges.
Notwithstanding braving the rain, we thank all fans who still took terrific photos of all the beautiful vehicles that rallied together on January 28, 2018, for the first “Cars and Coffee” event. Special thanks for images shared by Pacific Rides Photography that captured a fantastic experience filled with a community of passionate automotive and motorsports fans, your photos illustrated everyone’s joy and the incredible collection of cars in one place. Thank-you for sharing your gifted eye and supporting this event.
A fantastic thing that everyone takes away from an event like this is that our community of fans and enthusiasts who brought together this vast collection of over 300 vehicles in a social event, showcases more than just their love for cars, but an enthusiasm for the entire car community.
We look forward to the next “Cars and Coffee” event on February 25, 2018, and welcome back everyone to shine, share, and showcase their collection of automotive art. Don’t forget to bring your cameras for this exciting photo opportunity!