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This week, we were honoured to host a special McLaren drive event at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit called McLaren EPIC Canada.

The programme description:

“This unmissable trip will take you from the stunning vistas of Vancouver Island to the spellbinding beauty of Whistler and inland to the renowned wine region of the Okanagan Valley. British Columbia is the westernmost state of Canada and home to some of the most breath-taking wilderness in the whole of the northern hemisphere. Glaciers, mountain ranges, deserts, and the cosmopolitan city of Vancouver provide the backdrop to this extraordinary driving
“…what better way of enjoying this ultimate driving experience than at the wheel of a McLaren?”
With guests from all over the world, this unique experience gave McLaren owners the opportunity to drive their vehicles at our track while experiencing the hospitality of our facility and Vancouver Island.
There is something that is truly unparalleled being behind one of these works of high-performance art. Letting them be tested on our technical course and unleashing the vehicle’s potential is something that was thrilling for each of the participants, especially early on this leg of their ultimate driving experience.
We thank McLaren for choosing our course for their event and look forward to them revisiting us in the future.  If you are an owner and missed this event, contact us to book your personal driving experience and unleash your masterpiece on the Circuit today!
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