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Over the past year, we have received an overwhelming number of responses in regards to our membership packages.  As our facilities are truly unique and one of a kind, we want to ensure our membership packages and membership presentations reflect that in the same manner.  The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit as you have read and seen in our posts, is truly a one of a kind facility in Canada not only because of its location, but also in each and every aspect to which it was conceived, planned, designed and constructed.
When it comes to our membership packages, one of the first questions people ask is “why do you not list prices on our website?”  The answer is simple.  Our Circuit is more than a price; it’s an experience and a lifestyle that cannot be compared easily to any other track facility in North America.  As you may have already read, seen from our videos, or experienced while vacationing here, Vancouver Island is special.   With our mild seasonal climates and the many attractions and amenities available year round, you will quickly understand why neither the Island nor the Circuit can be considered based on a simple number and especially not a price.   You’ll find everything a big city has to offer, without the chaos that often comes with.
Chesterman Beach
We understand Vancouver Island may not be for everyone possessing a passion for racing or driving, but the Island does offer something for everyone.  No matter how advanced your motorsports career is or was, you will be left wanting more and will quickly discover just how amazing this place is with each visit.
No other motorsport facility can offer 350 days of driving per year, or a track of its kind that was designed by the best of the best in the business, Tilke GmbH.  Thus, we have established a list of individuals interested in memberships at the Circuit to experience the facility first hand before making any decisions. We will host a private tour for 10-15 people per session, where they will tour the facility and view a full presentation of our membership benefits.  One of our lead driving instructors will then take you around the track to gain the full experience of our 19 corners, and the incredible elevation changes in all aspects of the road course.  Then, and only then, when you can envision yourself sitting at the track with other like-minded individuals such as yourself, will we hand out the membership applications and showcase the offer in full including the price.
Please be assured that the price, the term and the benefits of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit have all been designed with our members in mind.  They are competitively priced, includes the best term of any track in North America and provides tremendous value and investment opportunities for the future.
We hope that sounds exciting and agreeable to you.  If your adrenaline is now pumping and you would like to learn more, simply email us at membership@islandmotorsportcircuit.com to book your tour today.