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On Sunday, March 12th, Porsche Centre Victoria hosted a Customer Appreciation Event at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. For many customers, this was the first time they had the opportunity to experience the Circuit. Guests were given all access with Porsche Centre of Victoria vehicles, as a way for them to become more in-tune with their everyday driving.
The Performance Driving Program prepares drivers to face potentially tough driving situations. Guests of the program are more likely to come out safe and sound in a hazardous situation after participation. This event is one of the many benefits of purchasing from the Porsche Centre Victoria dealership. With their Preferred Owners Program customers have access to such features as exclusive invitations to private events such as Performance Driving Programs, New Owners Nights, Customer Appreciation Events, New Vehicle Launch Parties and much more.
Thank you to Porsche Centre Victoria for hosting your Customer Appreciation Event with us at the Circuit! If you would like to sign up for their next Customer Appreciation Event or Performance Driving Program, please email info@porschevictoria.com or contact the Porsche Centre Victoria sales team at 250-590-3022.