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Ladies and Gentleman, in only a few short months, the Villa Eyrie Resort (formerly known as the Aerie Resort) will re-open its doors to the public. To pay tribute to the past and to celebrate the return of an incredible property of which will be the partner hotel to the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, here is a look back at the once magnificent Aerie Resort & Spa.

The Glorious Years

For many years, this extraordinary property was rated as one of the best in Canada and in some publications, the best resort in the world.  The former owners of the property first settled at there with an eight room B&B in the 80’s. However, their first-class service and outstanding cuisine soon made the Aerie Resort, a destination for locals and travellers from around the world.  Guests would come to enjoy the fine dining experience while overlooking the southern tip of Vancouver Island, the Pacific Ocean and the Olympic Mountains.
No matter what weather conditions arose, with each cloud brought a different scene, each as beautiful as the next.  As you watched the convocation of eagles circling over the Finlayson Arm, it brought a feeling of peace and serenity not commonly found in the city.
The Resort was the perfect setting for special events including weddings, anniversaries and milestone birthdays.  Every bed was carefully placed and perfectly lined up in the rooms to allow each guest the most optimal view as they awoke in the morning.  Each room was decorated with care, while still supporting the Lake Como inspired theme, but most importantly, giving each guest the impression that the property they were staying in, was anything but common or normal.
The many five-star ratings and reviews gave the owners the confidence to expand their operations.  First, 15 view-suites were added to the main building along with amenities like an ocean view pool, workout facilities and an incredible terrace.
Later in the early 90’s, another building with eight additional suites was carefully placed on the property, once again, paying attention to the views from every bed within each room.  However, the second building also allowed the resort to make each room a suite with room to spare.  The “Residence Building” was also home to their famous Spa services.  Receiving a massage or spa treatment at a resort, high above the city in the middle of the forest, accompanied with stunning views was truly something special and an experience that guests will never forget.
By then, the Aerie was world famous as a resort and as a destination restaurant and the “who’s who” in western Canada frequented for their special visits to Vancouver Island.  The cuisine, wine selection and first and foremost, the feeling of a luxury resort, brought every guest back again and again and in 2003, the resort added the crown jewel of the property, the Villa Cielo.
This six-suite villa completed the amazing vision of the owners and gave every visitor a feeling of a Lake Como Villa far in the west of Canada.  Every suite in the Villa overlooked what seemed to be the top of the world.  Every room, balcony or terrace offered views you normally only found on postcards.  The feeling of a mountain retreat only gets better in the winter months.  This is the place with the highest snow plausibility on Southern Vancouver Island and if you are in search of a place to experience a white Christmas or a winter New Year, this was the place.  Amazing simply did not do the common living room justice as this space, perfectly suited for any occasion or small corporate function, became special just by being there.
It’s safe to say that this was an amazing property with stunning views and world-class service.  We hope we have caught your attention and sparked your curiosity to come stay with us when the newly renovated and rebranded Villa Eyrie Resort reopens its doors September 2016.