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Circuit Fleet Spotlight | AMG Adrenaline Rush

This month we are highlighting the newest additions to our fleet, two Mercedes-Benz AMG A35’s. Representing both the hatchback and sedan version of the new AMG spec twins from the experts in Affalterbach, we are looking forward to getting more familiar with these small powerhouses.

With a turbocharged 2L, making over 300HP going to all 4 wheels via the 7-speed dual clutch, these German hot hatchbacks shouldn’t have any problem getting up to top speed on our straight. For the more dynamic areas of our track though, the small wheelbase and sport suspension make for an exceptionally agile car.

For those interested in experiencing these two new shinning AMG stars, they are available for rent as part our fleet rental for our Taste of the Circuit and High Performance Driving Events. Three Point Motors and AMG Victoria have always supplied us with a variety of cars for our customers to enjoy. If you are in the market for your next car, reach out to Three Point Motors and the AMG team.