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Circuit Fleet Spotlight | Sure-Footed Subaru

In an ever-growing lineup of SUVs, Subaru’s Crosstrek still manages to set itself apart. It has a great blend of nimbleness for city driving, and the ability to hold its own when the pavement gives way to more natural roadways.

For the more pedestrian days of just travelling through the city, the Crosstrek has a slew of features to make everyday driving very pleasant, including a fuel efficient flat 4 engine and an optional “EyeSight” system that prevent accidents.

For when the road gets rough though, the Crosstrek really shines against its smaller SUV competitors. The 2023 Crosstrek is available with three pedals and a manual gearshift, though most owners will likely choose the optional CVT automatic. With full time all-wheel drive and longer travel suspension, most offroad trails are a cake walk for the Subaru. To help even further, Subaru has developed the X-Mode system to help assist the driver in putting power where it needs. Rumour has it there will be a Wilderness option coming soon to dial the offroad capabilities even further!

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