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While some might find the wet weather discouraging, we at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit embrace it and give back by providing educational driving courses for year round weather conditions.  Defensive Driving as it is often referred to, is as much about being prepared for anything and any conditions that may arise in everyday driving.  It teaches drivers how to read both road conditions and the drivers that operate and share our roads and highways.
At the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, we will soon be offering an extensive half day program designed to position yourself properly within the comforts of your own vehicle while maximizing its safety components such as your field of vision and awareness and minimizing fatigue, risk of injury dangerous blind spots.

We feel the most unique and important part of our program will yes teach you the theory of car control and balance as well as give you the real time experience on our Dynamic Driving Area of understeer and oversteer, both common conditions that can lead to accidents. During this course, you will also learn how to perform a full “Panic Stop” or facilitate “Accident Avoidance” in an emergency situation. Our “Field of Vision” drill will no doubt expand your range of awareness and minimize surprises by other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians or even wildlife.nanaimo-track-day-jan-22-2017-3-of-41

This program is designed not only for the “New Driver” but also for the “Experienced Driver” who would like to refresh some skills and experience the safety and stability controls of their modern vehicle in a controlled environment.  Here’s what some of our guests in today’s private program had to say about their experiences:

“Lots of fun! Can’t stop smiling. Great place to learn your limit.” Ryan. M

“Beautiful facility and very professional staff, made a fun day at the track.” Linc. C

“It was Excellent. The Best time I have had in years! An exhilarating experience.” Mike. C

If you would like to learn more on how you can participate in one of our new and upcoming Driving Dynamics Academy, please email academy@islandmotorsportcircuit.com today.