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When we started construction for the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, we had never heard of Pieter and could not have imagined that we would meet a person with as much influence on Vancouver Island as he does.
Once we were introduced to Pieter in 2014, we visited a hangar only five minutes away from our track and could not believe our eyes when the doors opened to reveal close to 20 race cars. It was obvious that Pieter knew many of the right people, as you don’t get your hands on a Mario Andretti/Patrick Tambay Lola Canem car or two Saleen Lemans race cars just for fun.
Since then, we have developed a great relationship with Pieter and needless to say, we are proud to call him a member, a friend, a supporter and an instructor.
At the Grand Opening, our guests witnessed a very special drive from Pieter as the result of an oil leak caused by a vintage car. Our track team quickly addressed the issue, but the oil on the track still represented a significant danger to the following Motorcycle Club driving display. It was Pieter in a 500 HP McLaren that drove more than 10 laps on the slippery surface, effectively cleaning the track from oil and oil spill absorbent with his ground effect car and ever increasing speed, giving the motorcycle riders a safe track for their stint.
Pieter, thank you for all you have done for us. If there is a prize for the most influential person on our track, you would, without a doubt, be the winner.