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This year’s Vancouver Island Motor Gathering was a huge success and we would like to thank everyone who attended the 2015 Vancouver Island Motor Gathering both as a spectator and a car show participant! With the help of our many sponsors and their generosity along with everyone in attendance, this year’s show brought out some of the nicest vehicles around and allowed us to raise $118,425 for three amazing local charities, the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island, the David Foster Foundation and the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation.   We also raised over $200,000 worth of in-kind donations from the gourmet food from Quality Foods and prepped by Chef Castro Boateng, the amazing music from KOOL FM and CFAX 1070 live on location, Viscount Aero Centre and the Victoria Airport Authority for loaning us the incredible space and the many many other sponsors we have to thank.
Cheque Presentation to the Children’s Health Foundation, the David Foster Foundation and the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation of $118,425.

This year was by far the best year yet for the Motor Gathering with the amazing array of vehicles and motorcycles of all makes and models. From all of us at the GAIN Group, we would like to thank all involved for making it such a successful year.
With each year and with the tremendous support from these generous sponsors, media partners and the local community, we have been able to grow the funds raised each year and next year will once again be no different.  Please mark your calendars and save the date for Sunday August 21st, 2016 for next year’s Motor Gathering which will be held here at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort! There will be lots of announcements and new additions to the 2016 show so be sure to check for updates at www.motorgathering.com.
Please also find below a personal letter from our CEO of the GAIN Group, Peter Trzewik to thank you:
I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to each individual who helped in making the 2015 Vancouver Island Motor Gathering a success in all aspects.While driving home after the show, I felt proud that we hosted a great collector car show and exceeded our fundraising goal of $100,000. However, I must be honest. I am most proud of the way our sponsors and employees worked together to make this such a successful event.
Over 100 of GAIN’s most dedicated employees worked Saturday and/or Sunday from the early morning until late in the evening and I’m very grateful to them. For this one day, they planned for months, preparing the fields to ensure the grass was as green as it could be in this dry summer weather, cleaned the pavement to give the collector cars a beautiful setting and strategized on how to park thousands of cars in an orderly fashion. On the day of the event, they guided traffic for general parking and for car show participants and helped Chef Castro Boateng and his team feed thousands.
When the show was over, our volunteers stayed to clean up and restored the Viscount Aero Centre’s grounds back to its original state for operation on Monday.Thank you all and I hope that other than getting sunburnt, you parted the event with long lasting memories of a great event.I would also like to thank our 70+ sponsors as we were able to reach our fundraising goal in large part from their generous contributions. We truly hope that we have given the exposure you were expecting and made you feel that you were part of a great event helping children, families and people in need through the charities we supported.
While all of our sponsors are truly appreciated, I would like to highlight Chris Erb from SupErb Construction. He has been a great person to work with over the last three years, building five of our new dealerships. However, the fundraising for this year’s Motor Gathering also showed Chris’ leadership as he was responsible for obtaining the sponsorship of our construction trades and sub-trades. Well done Chris, Rick and Sunny and my sincere thanks to all of you who supported the 2015 Motor Gathering.
Next, I would like to thank the team at the Viscount Aero Centre and Matt Peulen, who graciously allowed us to use their facility once again and spent hours before and after to convert a private airport to car show grounds.When we organize an event like this, we sincerely hope that car collectors on Vancouver Island feel we gave them a great venue and understand that we want to foster the annual Motor Gathering and make this a premier collector car show over the next few years.
We are lucky to have amazing partners in Victoria and the display by Rudi & Company and Coachwerks of cars before, during and after a world-class restoration was truly amazing. The effort and passion that went into this display showcased what collectors should be looking for when entrusting their automobile to a restoration business. Thank you Rudi, Tracy, Mike and your teams for making our show so special.
2015-MotorGathering- RudiandCompany
Rudi and Company display at the Vancouver Island Motor Gathering

2015-MotorGathering- RudiandCompany
Rudi and Company display at the Vancouver Island Motor Gathering

Last but not least, I would like to thank Chef Castro Boateng and his team for the food that was provided. They are known for making amazing food for events of any size in Greater Victoria and they never cease to amaze people with their creativity and quality. However, feeding 3,000-4,000 people with a food truck and a couple of barbeques is a different challenge and they sure have mastered that as well. Well done team of chefs.
Chef Castro Boateng and his team preparing breakfast and lunch for thousands

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you again next year. I believe we can make the next Motor Gathering on August 21, 2016 even more significant and until then, Cindy, Serena, Michaelia, Sarah, Victoria and the teams of our dealerships will plan, once again, to bring collectors and their collectables together for a weekend of passion for automobiles.
Peter Trzewik
To view the full gallery of photos from this year’s event, visit www.motorgathering.com