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The all new Taycan

In a market saturated with new start-ups and vapourware promises, Porsche’s entry into the all-electric car sector with the Taycan brings their extensive motorsport and craftsmanship to all new heights.

With quintessential Porsche ideology, the Taycan is a driver’s car. Sure, it may have 4 doors, all-wheel drive, and a massive infotainment screen, but it also comes with no less than 375 horsepower and adjustable suspension out of the box. While it may be tipping the scales at nearly 5,000 lbs, these all-electric sedans and wagons carry their weight almost preternaturally. Whether carving through twisty countryside roads or driving on a circuit, you would never guess how much weight the batteries beneath your seat add up to. If there’s one thing we know batteries do well, it is accelerate! One press of the accelerator and you’re off!

If one prefers a more serene drive though, the Taycan has you covered as well. With a whisper quiet interior and suspension tuning to allow for a more placid trips, the Taycan can become somewhat of a Jekyll and Hyde – in a very good way!