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Perfectly Porsche

With a waitlist longer than the tire marks it leaves behind, the Porsche GT4RS is the new hot commodity in “P” cars.

With the same 4L naturally aspirated engine from the GT3 but a bunch of go-fast bits and all of it packaged as a mid-engined car, it’s not hard to see why everyone is clamoring for it. And that’s before the rumour that it may be the last hurrah for the sports car’s internal combustion engine (GASP!).

Setting the RS apart from the non-“RennSport” edition, this GT car has what all race cars need; a bigger rear wing and gobs of carbon fibre. More importantly though, it also has two gigantic air inlets in place of the rear-most side windows. That way you can hear the 4L suck in a small country’s air supply every time you approach the 9000RPM redline.

We recently had the pleasure of having two of these spectacular machines out for a lapping day and watching them tear around the track was a sight to behold. If you are lucky enough to have one of them in your driveway, we hope to see you and it at our Circuit as well. Just remember to secure all small pets and children before you peel away from home, lest they get sucked in!