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Getting you and your vehicle ready

Preparing for the Circuit

We are excited to welcome you for your thrilling motorsport adventure. To help yout get the most out of your driving day you can find everything you need to prepare below, including essential information on inspecting your vehicle, the best driving attire recommendations and a guide on circuit flags and passing zones.

Prior to arriving please ensure to review our Vehicle Sound Policy below. Should something come up that prevents you from attending your scheduled session please also see the cancellation policy.

Get ready for your adventure

Preparation Guide

Vehicle Inspection

We strongly recommend having your vehicle inspected by a professional, certified technician within 7 days of your experience.

Please provide us with a completed Car Inspection Checklist and Waiver Form prior to arrival at the Circuit.

Safety & Health

Driving just a few 20 min sessions can be exhausting so it is advised to get a good night sleep.

Please remove all loose items and any storage items from your vehicle.

Any guest showing symptoms of a cold, allergies or flu are advised to stay home and we would be happy to rebook your experience.


All guests are required to sanitize their hands at the entrance and follow our strict sanitization and social distancing protocols and procedures.

We reserve the right to temperature test any guest upon arrival.

Alcohol Policy

We have a zero-tolerance alcohol policy for all drivers. A general guideline but not a guarantee is 12 hours between bottle to throttle.

We do reserve the right to test any member prior to driving. It has been our experience that even mouthwash can trigger a reading and cause a delay in gaining access to the track.

Dressed For Adventure

We recommend that attendees arrive in comfortable, weather appropriate attire as sections of the pit garage are open to the elements and you will be outside. Flexible sole shoes with good traction are recommended, as are sunglasses when the weather requires. Please note that we do require helmets for the Open Lapping Experience and they are available at for rental.

The start of your driving day

Please arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to your scheduled time. We also recommend having a full tank of fuel and proper tire pressure.

Confirm registration, waiver completion and proof of identification and you will receive wrist band & assigned pit parking.

All non-driving guests/crew that will be in paddock/pit area are also required to sign the waiver and will receive a non-driver wrist band.

Please park your non-track vehicle to the far side of the parking lot in order to not block the driving dynamic area. Assisted parking spots available near the entrance.

Get familiar with our flags & Passing Zones

Circuit Etiquette

Checkered Flag

A checkered flag tells drivers that the race or session has ended.

Red Flag

When a red flag is displayed it is shown at all stations and at start. The session has stopped and drivers must come to a controlled stop on the side of the race course.

Yellow Flag

Stationary or “standing” yellow tells drivers to slow down due to something hazardous being in the area. A waving yellow indicates that drivers must slow down and be prepared to take evasive action or stop to avoid an obstruction in the roadway. Double yellow flags mean that a full-course caution is in effect. Drivers must slow down. Passing is not allowed in all cases.

Green Flag

The green flag when displayed at the Starter’s Bridge indicates the course is clear and racing is underway.

Mechanical Flag

The mechanical flag indicates a driver has a mechanical problem and should come into to the pits.

Blue & Yellow Flag

Blue with a yellow or orange slash indicates another car is rapidly overtaking a car and may attempt to pass. Check your mirrors! This is an advisory flag.

Black Flag

An open black flag, displayed by Start and Black Flag Station with a number board displaying a driver’s car number. This open flag tells a specific driver to come to the pits to meet with officials. When black flags are displayed at all corner stations, the race session has halted and cars must come into the pits. A closed or furled black flag displayed with a number board at the Start Bridge is a warning to a driver that improper actions have been observed.

Yellow & Red Flag

Yellow and red stripe surface flag indicates oil, gas, water, gravel, sand, mud, rocks or some other debris is on the track surface. Traction may be compromised.

Passing Etiquette

It is the responsibility of the vehicle passing to complete a “Safe Pass” in the space allotted.

The vehicle being passed should acknowledge the vehicle behind with a wave, pull to the right of the track (off line) and point the car behind to pass “ON THE LEFT”.

The vehicle being passed should “ASSIST THE PASS” tap the brake lightly when pulled over. “DO NOT BRAKE CHECK”.

The passing vehicle may flash their lights, lightly honk horn but must have the attention of the driver in front and wait for the “POINT TO PASS”.

We will be observing all drivers and do not wish to “BLACK FLAG” any driver’s session but will if necessary.