We are so honoured to have hosted and continue to host so many incredible members and guests at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. A special thank you to the District of Cowichan for allowing us the opportunity to build our dream and for making it all possible. Here's what some of our guests have had to say about the Circuit.


"What what an incredible time we had today as a new member. Brent was awesome as was everyone we came in contact with. As a newbie I can't remember all the names but EVERYONE, was special. Great track day, great lunch. Thank you so much"
All the best

Kevin & Sandy R.

"This session and the fine hospitality was very impressive. The variety of experience and vehicles was as much as could be possible. I was most impressed with the depth of information available from the varied sources."

Ron. D

"Loved it! It was Fantastic! The meeting room had a great layout, couldn't have asked for anything better."


"The Circuit is a terrific track surrounded by unbelievable scenery, with a layout that will challenge your driving ability
no matter what level of driver you think you are."

Mad Max Papis, Professional Racer

"I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit back in June. What a fabulous experience, great facility, a challenging track with elevation changes. A very professional crew and operation. I thoroughly enjoy myself and the time driving a varied selection of cars. Thanks to all."

Danny Sullivan, Professional Racer

"I had the opportunity to go to their Grand Opening event and it was phenomenal! What a beautiful track! The building is top of the line and the setting is perfect. Can't wait to go back! Thanks for the unforgettable experience GAIN!"

Jessica Boucher

"Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit is one of the most diverse tracks I have ever driven on. The combination of high-speed sections and tight technical corners, with lots of elevation changes, is very unique. Whether you are of the highest experience or a weekend warrior who wants to learn how to shave tenths off of your lap times, this world class track is for you."

Brandon Jenner, Musician

"The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit has been one of the best experiences in my career at Tilke, and I have been there for the last 12 years. It has been a great project since our very first visit and the final product is something we are very proud of."

Christian Epp, Director of Americas for Tilke GmbH

"A First Class Motorsport Facility. A track topography like no other. Multiple elevation, positive and negative camber on all 19 turns. A pleasure to drive."

Richard Vidal
Brody Jenner

"Yesterday was very special. Got to hang with my family and race some incredible machines. Thanks again to @islandcircuit for having us out and the @davidfosterfoundation for the incredible charity work they do. If you have a chance check it out. You are the man @davidfoster love you."

Brody Jenner
The David Foster Foundation

"Hip hip hurray! Celebrating the beautiful grand opening of the @islandcircuit with our partner GAIN! Thank you @jimtreliving, Danny Sulivan, @brodyjenner @brandontjenner @erinfoster.
#Celebrations are in order! So grateful to be a part of the Grand Opening of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit!!"

The David Foster Foundation

"It’s not boring. This is a really good way for someone who owns a powerful car to challenge himself without being unsafe on the road. I think it will give a lot of people the opportunity to be safer. You buy a Ferrari and you don’t know how to drive it? You can bring it here and learn rather than crashing it on the road."

Mad Max Papis, Professional Racer
Catherine Barr

"With celebrity drivers and track coaches like NASCAR/Indy star Max Papis holding the track record, this new country club style members' only facility is built for excitement - and built to last." — "Taking it all in, it's clear that this place was built not just for the adrenaline junkie, but for those who truly love cars. Every inch, from the classic marble bathrooms to the gourmet kitchen and patio lounge, is built with quality and care." — "Because while it is a members-only club, it is also destined to become one of North America's hottest held properties and most desirable drivers' destinations."

Catherine Barr, Vancouver Society Columnist
Ernie Urdal

"Unlike the common track, Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, is your private oasis, away from the chaos of racers, crowds, and pressure." — "Whatever, your experience or skill, regardless of horsepower or age, Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit has everything it takes to improve your confidence and enjoyment of driving."

Ernie Urdal, Vancouver Lifestyles

"Brand-new race tracks don't come along every day, and North American circuits designed by Tilke GmbH of Formula 1 track (and Bilster Berg) fame come along even less often. So say hello to Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, a place PCAers lucky enough to get into are going to love. Porsche Panorama editor Pete Stout checked it out, and came away impressed with the facility as well as the fun of the layout after some fast laps in a Cayman 2.7 and an Alfa 4C, among others—calling it "street-car sized, yet challenging in interesting and fast cars, too."

Porsche Club of America

“Growing up here, I would never have dreamed there could be something like this.” — “The Porsche just wants to hug the ground, and for an amateur like me that is just amazing. That’s what we need. We can’t allow for drift. The way they run this is top-notch. It’s safety-first.”

David Foster
Jim Treliving

“I love coming to the Island, I’m thinking it’s become one of the most sought-after spots in the world now.” — “But it’s been a fun ride. It really gets the adrenalin going."

Jim Treliving

"prettiest racetrack in the world" — "As country club racetracks pop up around the world, they seem to be in a game of one-upmanship for the best track layout, coolest facilities and the most breathtaking scenery. The new Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, off the western coast of Canada, has now stepped squarely into the fray with its new, 1.42-mile, 19-turn track in one of the most beautiful locales in the world."

Jacob Lingeman, Autoweek
Kevin Schwantz

"Great time with Max at the grand opening of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit yesterday."

Kevin Schwantz, Professional Racer
Brody Goble

"What an amazing day it was yesterday at @islandcircuit. I was very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to kick off their official grand opening day with a quick demo in the @lucasoilproducts @formulad car. I went through a set of @achillestire and was dying to keep going. Awesome people and an awesome track, thank you for having us."

Brody Goble, Precision Stunt Driver

"Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit will put Canada on the motorsports map" — "Fortunately the latest slice of asphalt heaven, carved into 275 acres of gorgeous timber country on Canada’s Vancouver Island, has its sights set clearly on what matters. You’ll find loads of amenities and conveniences at the new Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, but the facility and its creators are ultimately, and wisely, focused on the driving."

Eric Weiner, Automobile Magazine
Ryan Clark

"GAIN and its partners right down to the staff have created something very special here on Vancouver Island, and there’s nothing else quite like it in Canada." — "I will, however, happily recommend this resort to anyone with the means to seriously take a look at it. This circuit is in one of the most beautiful places on earth yet it requires only a fraction of the cost of other resorts like it around the world."

Ryan Clark, Luxury BC
Sergio Sosa

"Imagine, a place where the driving and motorsport enthusiast can test the limits of his/her skills and the capabilities of his/her vehicle, with the only thing in mind being driving to the limit and having a great time doing it." — "The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit along with its hotel partner the Villa Eyrie Resort are in my books as one of Canada’s top destinations for purpose styled vacation. I would not be surprised if in the near future the Cowichan Valley gets renamed “A Driver’s Paradise."

Sergio Sosa, Dolce Magazine

"It’s one of a growing number of member-only ‘country club’ racetracks around North America where performance enthusiasts can satisfy their lust for speed and meet with fellow members who share their passion for fast driving." — "I’m ready to sign up. All I need is $48,000 and that GT3 I was dreaming about!"

Greg Wilson, Auto TRADER

“Growing up here, I would never have dreamed there could be something like this.” — “The Porsche just wants to hug the ground, and for an amateur like me that is just amazing. That’s what we need. We can’t allow for drift. The way they run this is top-notch. It’s safety-first.”

David Foster
Max Papis

“This track is miles from boring—nothing like other small circuits better suited for driving schools” — “And who wouldn’t want to come here all the time? The layout, the scale, it’s practical and beautiful without being overly exuberant. I can’t imagine what this place will look like in five years.”

Mad Max Papis, Professional Racer

"At ground level, the track is utterly provocative." "The freshly paved asphalt is so flawless that the white BMW M3 heating it up after a light rain appears to be roaring over black silk"

Jessica Leeder, The Globe and Mail
Catherine Barr

"Always wanted to be a track star. Wishing I was back behind the wheel again screeching the tires around the curves. Such a rush. I think I'm addicted now. Can't wait to go back. ‪#‎IslandCircuit‬ ‪#‎supercar‬ ‪#‎carracing‬"

Catherine Barr, Vancouver Society Columnist
Danny Sullivan

“It’s quite challenging in some places, but not so fast that if somebody gets into trouble they’re going to have a problem”

Danny Sullivan, Professional Racer

"High-performance driving devotees have a new mecca with this month’s opening of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit"

Viju Mathew, Robb Report
Jessica Leeder

"This multimillion dollar track, carved out of forest in the Cowichan Valley and called the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, is the centrepiece of the nation’s only motorsport country club."

Jessica Leeder, The Globe and Mail