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With only 11 weeks to go until the soft opening of the Circuit, along with the growing season upon us, the focus has once again shifted to the exterior of the facility.
Rick Tomlinson, owner of Triple T Excavating, and the team of Island Paving have fired up the asphalt plants in preparation for the remaining paving work this week.  All ground work has been completed and the final asphalt layers of the road course will commence.  We will try to contain our excitement and anxiety while we let the asphalt cure for a few days prior to taking the first few test laps around the track.  It will then be lined and both the positive and negative kerbs will receive their final colors.  The team of Vancouver Island Asphalt and all of their subsidiaries will lay two more lifts of 2.5” asphalt to complete the road course and by the time they are done, it will have amounted to more than 14 months of preparation that Triple T Excavating and SupErb Construction have performed.  What an incredible sight it will be to see the newly paved and painted track, untouched and cleaned to perfection.  It’s only a matter of time before the first set of tire tracks make their marks on the course.
The Clubhouse and pit garage building is also nearing completion as almost all of the tile work is finished, with a couple of small exceptions.  With Mazzei Electric working diligently throughout the building, the lighting has been switched on, illuminating the clubhouse in a modern and sophisticated way.  The glass partitions of the offices and training rooms are in place, giving the interior of the building character, a feeling of light and incredible vision to all parts of the track.  One Touch House, entrusted with the installation of all audio visual equipment in the clubhouse have also commenced.  We have planned for a system in which we will hopefully only install an additional sound system on very few events.  On most days, our in-house system will allow a presenter with a microphone to be heard in all rooms of the building, outside on the pit lane, or just in the designated rooms.  A Formula 1 race can be played on all 14 TV screens inside the building, or, each training or presentation room can present a video feed to support the event for the day.  We look forward to showing you images of that system in the coming weeks.  Our commercial kitchen is now no longer an empty space. The first exhaust fans and hoods have been installed by Lewis Sheet Metal, and once the non-slip commercial floor is installed next week, all kitchen equipment will be delivered to the site by Van Isle Food Equipment and installed by their skilled service team.
The team at Communication Connection have started to install the phone systems and plans are in place to install the trackside safety cameras and safety light system in the coming weeks.  Once the systems are up and running, 12 cameras will provide the race control team with visuals to see every car on the track while the safety lights will allow them to stop oncoming cars and be aware of any danger ahead.
On the operational side, the biggest announcement of last week was the start of the tours of the facility and the ceremonial sale of the first Individual, Corporate and Founding memberships on March 8, 2016.  The marketing team have now taken over the 3,600 emails from the past 12 months and identified each of the individuals interested in a membership package.  By the end of the week, they will have sent out the first batch of invitations and the official tour of the facility will begin on Tuesday, March 15, hosting 10-15 individuals each day.  Porsche Centre Victoria was already proactive and therefore, we gave some of their clients a private tour last Friday and Saturday.  Some of the clients were experienced racers and some others have visited numerous motorsport facilities throughout North America.  We will post a couple of their first impressions of our facility in the coming weeks.
Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see in the pictures below, we are nearing the final stages of construction and we are preparing to showcase the property and the facilities.  If you are interested in an upscale facility that will allow even the most discerning motorsport enthusiasts access to a place that can become their playground to experience driving in the purest form, please go to the membership section and send us a tour request.  19 individual corners with incredible elevation changes are waiting for you and you have a chance to become part of something special.
As always, be prepared for something special and be assured that we will never stand still in providing our clients with experiences that will always exceed their expectations.  It has never been more exciting to own a performance car in Western Canada.
The GAIN Dealer Group and the new team at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit