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Another week has gone by and as you can see from the images, there were a few milestones that occurred once again this week.  At this time, we would like to thank two individuals in particular for all of their hard work throughout the course of this project to ensure our audience receives the news updates each week.
Firstly, we would like to thank Russ Heinl, one of the most accomplished photographers in Canada. Russ has travelled countless times to the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit and has dedicated himself to the project to ensure he captures every aspect and every milestone that occurs on site.  His attention to detail and his incredible eye for capturing the perfect moment is amazing.  Regardless of how insignificant it may seem at the moment, his patience to wait for the right shot for each photo is precisely the reason why Russ was the perfect photographer for the job.  Russ, we thank you for all of your wonderful photos, and for helping us present every milestone that has occurred at the Circuit in a way that does not feel staged as so many others do.
Next is Cindy Mui, Marketing Director for the GAIN Dealer Group and now also the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit and the Villa Eyrie Resort.  Each week, Cindy, along with the help of Chris Erb and Peter Trzewik, work together to ensure our blog is up to date. Cindy is a young veteran of the media and advertising world in Victoria and is responsible for our public relations and all marketing efforts across all businesses. It is Cindy that, together with her team, prepares stories, interviews, videos and presentations that brings the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit to life and puts a face and a voice to the community. Thank you Cindy for all that you do for the group.
Now, with only 12 weeks to go, paving operations have resumed, the hydro connection is finally complete, high speed internet is now live on site, the storm water lakes are operational and most importantly, all trades and teams are on schedule.
As mentioned, the paving has resumed, just as planned. Vancouver Island Paving assisted Triple T Excavating in the final grading of the runoff areas, the pit lane and the client, truck and bus parking areas in preparation for paving. The hose areas were paved this week. Next week, the same preparation work will be done for the driving dynamic area and the last run off areas in preparation for paving over the next 7 days. In a few short weeks, all that will be left will be the hydro seeding of the infields and paving the last two layers of the road course.  Then, the Circuit will be ready to go!
VIMC-Update-Feb29-16201602290063We have never waited for a hydro connection with as much anticipation as on this project. Finally, the generators are gone and the bright lights of the Clubhouse and other areas of the building have replaced the small construction lights.
Another really important part of the operations are the connections for telephone and internet. It’s interesting to see that even in 2016, a high-speed connection can become such a difficult thing to acquire being less than 2 kilometers away from the city of Duncan or Highway 1. After endless unsuccessful discussions with all providers, we are happy that the team of Communication Connection in Nanaimo have made this happen. Darren Hauca, Jillian Drover and David Rowett worked diligently and came up with a very creative solution to assure that the Clubhouse has the connection journalists and members can expect. Thank you very much!
In order to accomplish the final grading of the parking areas for clients, buses and trucks, we also had to finalize the storm water system, which included making the final storm water reservoirs operational. It was only a few weeks ago that there was an old house, a small workshop and many old cars on this small property next door, and now, a beautifully arranged lake takes its place, as part of the filtration system to ensure the creeks and lakes surrounding us stay clean.  How fast this has all come together is another testament to the speed and dedication of the team at Triple T Excavating.
As you can see, from the images, the inside of the Clubhouse is also nearing completion. The tilers are nearly done and the electricians are now working on the final touches before helping the installers of cameras, TV’s and sound systems.
VIMC-Update-Mar2-16201603020050The painters will now work on the finished touches room by room while the glass installers complete the last few panels for the meeting rooms.  The plumbers are finishing their work and the elevator should be operational within a few weeks. Over the weekend, Fantastic Cleaning will start the first construction clean up in preparation for the carpenters and furniture installers.
Now, it’s only a matter of time until our construction updates become blog posts surrounding the many activities on site.  Until next week!