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With only 16 weeks to go until the opening of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, the progress made in the last week has been impressive.
The run off areas are receiving the final grading in preparation for paving in the next few weeks.  It’s amazing to experience the width of the road course as you turn into corners 1, 2 and 3.  With close to 20 meters of paved road, these corners will allow drivers to enter at high speeds, while also providing them the safety and security necessary to ensure there’s enough room for error.
The water main pipe has been laid, the conduits for the lighting and safety camera systems are in place along with the high-speed internet cable and the hydro connections.
The Circuit has been divided into 4 sectors, and drivers will be guided to slow down, return to the pits, or to stop on the spot, just like a Grand Prix driver would expect.
The graders are hard at work on the dynamic driving area and the client parking lot. Both should be paved within the next few weeks and we must admit, we’re looking forward to less dirt.
The working lane preparation is underway, and we anticipate the concrete will be poured on Tuesday. This roadway right in front of the pit garages is specifically made of concrete to ensure the floor jacks have a hard surface for leverage and are able to lift the racecars, rather than gouging into soft asphalt.
The Clubhouse is making its transition on a daily basis. The upper floor has been drywalled and the painters are now busy working on the remainder of the interior, including the details of the clubroom, training facility, offices, washrooms and hallways.
The electricians and data specialists have installed systems to allow us to serve our members, as well as up to 250 guests, with all their needs for connectivity and power supply. We can’t wait to see the final wall colors, and the space in its final design.
The heating and ventilation systems have been installed and in the coming weeks we will see the installation of flooring, ceilings, and the furniture and fixtures.
OVIMC-Update-Feb6n the main floor, the fire rating is in the works and the drywallers are working on the commercial kitchen, laundry room, locker rooms, washrooms for the drivers, and the presentation centre. Our four pit garage doors are now installed and the concrete shop floor has been poured.
As you can see, the 50-75 people that we have on site every day are making tremendous progress and next weeks’ update will not be much shorter.  However, as with everything we do, we want to take a moment to thank the following companies for their hard work and efforts in the past week:

  • SupErb Construction: General Contractor
  • James Irwin: Architect
  • Amy McGeachy: Interior Designer
  • Gordon and Gordon Interiors: Drywall
  • E & K Painting: Painters
  • Mazei Electric: Data and Electrical Contractor
  • Wescor Thermal: Fire Rating and Protection
  • Lewis Sheet Metal: HVac Systems, Heating and Air-conditioning
  • Tyler Mechanical: Plumbing
  • Topline Roofing: Exterior Cladding of the Clubhouse
  • All Metals Installations:  Structural Steel
  • Sneddon Masonry: Exterior Brick and Masonry
  • Triple T Excavating: Earthworks, Grading and Excavation
  • Duncan Paving: Paving