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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Since we made our first announcement in the spring of this year, many of the details have fallen into place, helping to complete the puzzle.
On October 27, 2015, the next significant step toward making our vision come to life will be realized with the laying of the road surface onto the meticulously prepared aggregate base course. Vancouver Island asphalt companies will work together in a coordinated effort to pave the entire track in a single day.
This fundamental day will be documented by both video and photography to illustrate the extraordinary effort required to complete this task within such a tight time frame.
Over the past month, the Clubhouse has risen from its foundation to reach the second level. As the structure takes on its finished form, it becomes easy to imagine the Grand Opening events scheduled for the spring of 2016, when we anticipate celebrating with over 200 guests.
With the track and Clubhouse well advanced, we are turning our attention to sourcing the timing equipment, security cameras, and digital safety flags for the circuit. Progress on a weekly basis is notable, and we are now seeing visitors representing both our brands and motor sports suppliers on a steady basis.
Coinciding with the development of the facilities is the organization of the business to operate the facility when complete. The GAIN Dealer Group is respected for its organization, its passion for client service, and its dedication to the brands it represents.
Our established approach will allow us to operate our world class track and open plan Clubhouse in a manner that will establish the standard for similar facilities in North America.
Our Partner Hotel, formerly known as the Aerie Resort & Spa, will become the resort side of our operation, while the Circuit will become the home for motorsport enthusiasts from around the world.

A proper introduction of our Partner Hotel will soon be announced. This will provide guests unfamiliar with Vancouver Island a clear idea of what to expect when they come to enjoy their driving days beginning in the spring of 2016.

As operational planning continues with the addition of the Partner Hotel, we have therefore removed the name “Resort” from our track facility. We are pleased to announce that it will now be known as the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.