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It was a hot 30 degree Sunday and approximately 115 employees from the GAIN Dealer Group including a few of their families and friends visited the construction site of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort for the first time yesterday.  This event was arranged to inform our staff of the current state of the progress prior to the official media later this month.
It was definitely an interesting day on Vancouver Island yesterday as for the first time, the air was filled with smoke and a surreal orange glow of sunlight peered through the heavy smoke layer.  It felt more like a day in the interior of BC and rather than the normal fresh clear air day on Vancouver Island.
Many thanks to Serena Ho and Evan Hamilton and the owner of Superb Construction Chris Erb and Brent Brownsell, his right hand man, who helped organize and prepare the day of activities that took place.  After the first guests arrived around 10 am, we were able to show the current state of the construction and drive the track in an older Mercedes-Benz M-Class along side our 4×4 Kubota. The ML was equipped with our race logic VBox system and in the coming days we will show you some of the driving footage from the many laps our employees drove. This time it wasn’t about driving the fastest lap times, but I’m sure when we look at the data we will be able to see who drove the fastest time.
As a surprise, at 11am, 20 lucky guests (selected by a draw) had the privilege to view the track from a helicopter arranged with West Coast Helicopters and their pilot, Jim Vallance.  Every guest left well fed and very dusty; however, all of the people also left with a clear understanding of the current state  of our project and with a big smile on their faces having spent the day with us playing in the Cowichan Valley.
We look forward to showcasing our project once again to invited guests from various media within Canada followed by the reveal of our membership introduction program in August.