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It starts with a racing heart, sweaty palms, and shaking knees. The feeling of excitement takes over you as you strap your helmet in place and step into the vehicle. For most people going fast in a car is unsafe, frowned upon and illegal, but not here.  At the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit you have the chance to experience fast laps around an FIA built course with a professional driver.
Experience the Circuit first hand in the most adrenaline pumping ride of your life. The perfect gift for a friend and the perfect gift for yourself.
Discover why the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit has been called “the most beautiful track in the world” by Autoweek Magazine.
Your TAXI Experience Package includes:

  • An exclusive tour of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit
  • Five unforgettable laps as a passenger with our trained professional instructor/drivers
  • Complimentary rental of a helmet and helmet liner
  • Complimentary video recording of you on the Circuit provided on a USB drive

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