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Gear up for unparalleled driving adventures with our new, upcoming 2024 Brand Driving Experiences! Whether you are a fan of the legendary Porsche fleet, the elegance of Mercedes-Benz, or any other brand under our GAIN Group umbrella, we are about to redefine your driving journey.

Picture it for yourself – rotating through three exhilarating stations, each meticulously designed to push your driving skills and excitement to unprecedented levels. First immersing in an All-Wheel Drive adventure and conquering diverse terrains in exceptional SUVs. Second at the Dynamic Zone where you will navigate a precision coned course, refining your handling, sight lines, and conquering oversteer and understeer. Lastly, feel the unrivalled motorsport adrenaline rush with a heart-pounding acceleration loop and on-track driving experience.

There is more to be had – experience the power and poise of your choice of vehicles during the On-Road Drive, set against the stunning backdrop of the island and open roads. A perfect blend of skill, performance, and pure driving bliss! Whether you seek the thrill of the track or the scenic beauty of open roads, our Brand Driving Experiences offer an unforgettable journey. Get ready to master every curve, embrace the power, and revel in the luxury that only our exceptional selection of vehicles can provide.

Stay tuned for more details, registration information, and the chance to secure your spot for the driving adventure of a lifetime. Buckle up, the revolution is coming!