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Experience the ultimate driving adventure at Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit, featuring one of the many iconic brands from the GAIN Group portfolio such as Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and many more. Each day, drivers will tackle three exhilarating stations designed to push their skills and excitement to new heights. Conquer diverse terrains in exceptional Quattro-equipped Audi SUVs, experience the tactile handling of a Porsche in the precision Dynamic Zone, feel the rush of Emergency Braking and Lane Change maneuvers in a secure Volvo, and experience the heart-pounding acceleration of a Mercedes-AMG on track and enjoy an on-road drive amidst the stunning Cowichan Valley backdrop. This is the perfect blend of skill testing, performance exhilaration, and the pure bliss of driving!


Check out our calendar for upcoming dates, or contact us to learn more.