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Today was and tonight will be, a difficult night for people on the roads and on the water.
The Coquihalla Highway from Vancouver to the interior of British Columbia and the connector between Merritt and Penticton are expecting up to 30 cm of snow tonight. The waves on the shoreline of the west coast are crashing with incredible strength and storm watching season has officially begun in Tofino.
A small group of 8 drivers drove at the Circuit today under some of the toughest conditions we’ve seen this year.  High winds and strong rain made the driving session a workout for every driver.  The drivers had to concentrate in order to view what was right in front of them in order to find the right line around every corner.  Our members are confident in how their cars perform and how they need to drive when the Circuit is dry and the tires are gripped, but when it’s wet out, you try to sense the movement of your vehicle around every bend and feather the throttle to stay just within the limit that their tires can offer in this weather.  Today, the suspension, the engine and the transmission mode stayed in sport and we were glad to see some of the technology of modern automobiles in good use.  The Subaru WRX operated by the Circuit were the preferred cars today with their Continental tires and all-wheel-drive.
To all out there, stay safe and best wishes from the team at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.