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Another week has gone by and construction is steadily moving forward as planned. All of the drainage is now complete and all conduits have been run to their future homes of every safety camera and safety light around the circuit. The final grading of the infield areas are now complete to allow hydro seeding to take place in a few weeks time. We have prepped the entrance and parking lot for both hydro and cable services. The main water pipes have been placed into the ground to allow city water into the clubhouse.
Rick Tomlinson and his team of Triple T Excavating have been on site now for the past 12 months and have now become a fixture within the community. We are proud to highlight the fact that all excavation work, drenching, grading and the transportation of thousands of truck loads of dirt and gravel were completed without a single accident or injury, a true testament to their incredible training and organization of their team.
That brings us to the clubhouse, which is where the most progress took place. All glazing in the upper level has been placed by Rutland Glass, allowing us the ability to turn heaters for the framers and Gordon and Gordon Interiors. Electricians and plumbers are hard at work to prepare all services within the walls in preparation for the drywall specialists and soon after, the painters.
On the main floor, the main entrance has been set, glazing is near completion and the concrete bed for our two in-ground ravaglioli hoists have been installed. Outside, the insulation is being placed on the block and concrete walls in preparation for the composite panels which will give the Clubhouse it’s final look.
Ladies and Gentleman, we are happy to report that Chris Erb and his team at SupErb Construction are making great progress on this project. Our first corporate event is booked and we have come to the realization that the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit will open its doors in less than 120 days! ‘Amazing’ is the first word that comes to mind together with ‘excitement’, but we have to admit, a bit of “Oh My God” as well because we are building a motorsport facility like no other and it starting to show.