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Today there were only 5 of us where brave enough to come out to drive and after the long and dry summer, we must admit we had our doubts if we should ‎drive at all as it rained buckets. Our endless wide run off areas came in handy at one point of the day and so did the camera and track safety light system.
The day started off with most of us being nervous, but by the time we completed our second session, we got the hang of it and it was a blast. The lap times resulted in only being 15 seconds slower than a regular day and yet the smiles were bigger than ever before as we now all know we have a long way to go before we achieve our perfect lap. But now we know that a little rain or a lot of rain won’t change how you’re able to drive this circuit all year round, in any season of the year.
Thank you to Continental Tire for the grippy contact 5 tires. They made us all feel comfortable in our cars and for our skill levels. Then, it was off to the Driver’s Lounge at the Villa Eyrie Resort for a beer and a burger to finish off the day.