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Over the course of the last couple of weeks, we completed the first wave of the North American Media launch for the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.  The reviews are coming in with praise and excitement, and we couldn’t be prouder. When we started the initial planning of our “Motorsport Paradise” here on Vancouver Island, we hoped to receive such positive feedback upon completion.
We would like to thank all of the journalists that have taken the time to visit Vancouver Island and for their spirit and participation. Their days were filled with action packed adventures; flying, driving, visiting and enjoying each others company just to name a few.  We hope our guests had a great time on the island and we look forward to seeing you again in the future.
Thank you to Pieter Baljet, Max Papis, Brody Goble, Rudi Koniczek from Rudi & Company and Christian Epp from Tilke GmbH, for their involvement in these events.  With a lineup of such individuals, it is wonderful to see a world-class track facility come to life.
Thank you to Russ Heinl Photography, the GAIN Dealer Group photographer, Terrance Lam and Nik Green and his team from Zooropa Media Agency for their long days and the thousands of beautiful images and video footage.
Thank you to Steve Allaire, accomplished Porsche collector for lending us his beautiful Porsche 356 pre A Coupe.
Thank you to Chef Castro Boateng and his team of culinary artists for weeks of incredible food creations and Catriona McHattie from Cat’s Butler Service for their outstanding service.
Thank you to 7 Communications, especially Mary Jackson and Larry Futers for their marketing efforts and support.
Thank you to Jenny Janecek and Jim Vallance, the team at Westcoast Helicopters for the friendly and courteous service and showing our guests Vancouver Island from the air.
Thank you to the launch team at the Villa Eyrie Resort; Volker Grady and his resort team. It was an incredible location for our guests which they have kindly stated in their reviews.
Thank you to Cindy Mui and our marketing team, and the GAIN Dealer Group staff including Serena Ho for the endless days and support to ensure these events were successful.
Thank you to Brent Evans, our Operations Manager at the Circuit and his team for their attention to detail and their skillful preparation of the track vehicles and monitoring for the safety of the drivers. It made for successful track days and we could not have done it without you and your team.
We present to you, the following images as a reflection of the activities and adventures that took place at the Villa Eyrie Resort and the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. Have a wonderful long weekend!
Peter Trzewik