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Under the direction of Chris Erb, construction of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort (VIMOR) is quickly moving ahead. The track is now within weeks of receiving its first layer of asphalt, and the specific features pertaining to the Clubhouse are now readily identifiable. By the end of November 2015, it will be possible to fully appreciate the vision and scale of the VIMOR.
In May 2016, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort will be ready to welcome its members. This is a unique opportunity for enthusiasts to fully enjoy their car within the parameters of a circuit specifically designed to exploit performance, while taking advantage of contemporary safety features.
We believe that theVancouver Island Motorsport Resort will become the premier club motorsport facility in North America. A bold statement perhaps, but we can support our point of view.
Set in Vancouver Island’s beautiful and temperate Cowichan Valley, the VIMOR will enjoy up to 350 driving days per year. The climate supports a thriving wine industry, and local artisans are producing some of Canada’s most exclusive foodstuffs. Reason enough to visit Vancouver Island for many.
Designed by internationally respected track engineers Tilke GMBH & Co, the VIMOR will present members with an unforgettable challenge. The track will be built in two phases, the first comprising 19 corners, 5 different configurations, elevation changes of over 26 metres, with inclines of up to 12%. When Phase Two is completed, the track will offer 4.21 kms of challenge and excitement.
Speed without safety isn’t in anyone’s best interest. Run-off areas, tire barriers, and guard rails have been included in the original design to provide the best possible protection for driver and car in the event of an unplanned excursion.
“If God had meant for us to walk, why did he give us feet that fit car pedals?” “There are two things no man will admit he cannot do well: drive and make love.” Stirling Moss
For those wishing to raise their level of skill behind the wheel, the VIMOR will have professional driving instructors available to assist in developing the member’s natural talent.
As entertaining and as involving as the driving will be, there will occasionally be a need to step out of the car for a break. The Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Clubhouse has been designed to offer members a superlative level of comfort and service. Whether chatting with fellow enthusiasts while standing on the trackside observation deck, or sitting down to enjoy a delicious meal, the Clubhouse will be the perfect place to relax between driving stints, or simply as a destination unto itself. Comfortable changing rooms, and trackside garages will all be available to enhance the day’s pleasure.
Recognizing that time is perhaps the most valuable resource, our membership subscriptions are designed to reflect the commitments of our members, and the opportunities they anticipate in being able to immerse themselves in VIMOR amenities.

The Private Motorsport Club (Fifteen to Twenty Driving Days per Month)

Members who elect to join the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort at the Private Motorsport Club level will enjoy all the features of the VIMOR circuit. Additional services will include: access to the premium member’s clubhouse, available track-car rental, instruction in performance driving techniques that can be applied towards earning a racing licence, preferred status for accommodation at the VIMOR’s partner 5-Star Hotel (more on this exciting property to be announced in the coming weeks), available on-site car storage, and optional on-site car maintenance to track ready status. Concierge service to arrange participation in Vancouver Island’s amazing variety of outdoor and cultural activities will also be available.

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Meeting Rooms


Corporate Track and Club (Ten to Twenty Driving Days per Month)

Offered to appeal to corporate, company, and club outings, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort will be available for client and employee track days, and related promotional events. The Clubhouse’s business suite will be available for presentations and related business activity. A fleet of cars suitable for track use will be available to those participating in these events.

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Meeting Rooms

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort-Presentation-Centre

This will be of particular interest to:

  • Automotive and Motorcycle Manufacturers
  • Media Events
  • Dealer Networks
  • Driving Schools: including multi-series driving experiences, community driving schools for members of essential service
  • Supercar Rentals: Cars will be available to rent on a per lap basis. Manufacturers represented will include: Mercedes-Benz AMG, BMW M-Series, and Audi RS Models.
  • Additional Private Activities

Under this provision a number of related activities may be undertaken. These will include: driving lessons, photo shoots, manufacturer testing sessions, private outings (weddings, celebrations, and other significant milestones), charitable events, skid pad and autocross events, and the rental of the Clubhouse for private functions.
The Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort is an exciting proposition, and will appeal to all enthusiasts. Over the next few months further details will be provided to potential members. In May 2016 the adventure begins; we hope you will be joining us on this incredible journey.