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The Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit has the honour of hosting the 2016 AMG Performance Tour. For the next few days instructors and students will be exploring and pushing personal limits, experiencing thrilling performance, and enjoying every moment to the absolute fullest! The AMG Performance tour is led by an extraordinary team of performance-driven people. What an incredible opportunity for participants to learn from some of the best in the business!
Before taking to the track, classroom sessions are held in our brand new facility where students learn about AMG, the track and what to expect. After an introduction to the track, they do track exercises like slalom and braking. Then slow lapping lead/follow exercises, build up lapping, cross country gymkhana (fun competition for precision driving). The whole day comes to a crescendo with a few hot laps!
AMG is a way of life. An attitude and philosophy of intensity, full of soul. Events like this one allow enthusiasts to indulge their personal performance passions and share the experiences with kindred spirits. Thank you Mercedes-Benz AMG Performance Tour for the incredible experience!