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Ladies and gentlemen, as of 3:08 pm today, Friday March 18, 2016 the main road course at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit was completed. Congratulations to SupErb Construction, Triple T Excavating, JE Anderson and Island Paving on this tremendous achievement. All three lifts of asphalt are now installed thus completing the 14+ months of preparation and hard earthwork.  The crews found their fitting finale today while celebrating with a few bottles of champaign to toast the occasion and a well deserved beer for the crew at the end of the long day.
A very special thank you to Chris and Marianne Erb, Brent Brownsell, Trevor and Joel from SupErb Construction for their tireless work on this project. What an accomplishment for the team at SupErb Construction.
We would also like to highlight Rick Tomlinson and his team at Triple T Excavating for moving thousands of tons of dirt, gravel, crush and rock to bring the road course to life.  They followed the instructions from our track designer, Tilke GmbH, and found in the land of this property, the ideal layout of this road course and prepared the road bed for paving. Well done Rick and the team at Triple T.
Jeff Tomlinson and his team at JE Anderson also deserve a big thank you for the survey and engineering work at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. What a partnership of Canadian and German Engineering to bring this project to completion.
Last but not least, here is a big thank you to our track design firm, Tilke GmbH. There is a reason you were the design team of choice and that’s clear.  You are the best manufacturers when it comes to building new test facilities and you are the only choice of F1 circuits. Christian Epp, Director for Tilke and responsible for the Americas, is the ultimate racetrack professional.  He has been instrumental in the construction of this track facility since the summer of 2014 and he has become a good friend.  Thank you Christian, Peter Wahl, Henning, Johannes and all others that worked on our behalf to create such an incredible looking, feeling and driving road course.  We can’t wait to work with you again on the second phase of our Motorsport Circuit that will see long straights, high speeds and a feeling of the Nuerburgring Nordschleife as a contrast to the technical and demanding layout of phase one.
Thank you for all who have been involved! We are truly grateful for your efforts and dedication to this project to allow us to build such a unique facility here on beautiful Vancouver Island.
The newest motorsport circuit in the world is born and it is a beauty.