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Today, three very close friends of the GAIN Dealer Group joined us for the ceremonial sale of the first Founding, Individual and Corporate, Memberships.
A lifetime race car driver, and probably one of the most important individuals within the collector car scene in Canada, purchased the very first Founding Membership today. Rudi Koniczek, a name most of you are familiar with, is the owner of Rudi & Company.  While we look forward to seeing Rudi in one of his special track cars on the tarmac, we also hope he spoils us all once in a while with one of his special restoration projects.  What a sight it would be to host an event with a collection of vintage Mercedes-Benz 300 SL’s. Welcome Rudi, and thank you for 20 wonderful years of partnership.
first VIMC member signing
A long time Porsche driver and car collector, Steve Allaire, purchased our first Individual Membership this afternoon.  Steve owns a few extremely rare sports cars that will become the attraction of many members driving days.  We look forward to seeing Steve set new records with the fastest lap times in his Porsche Cup Car.  Steve, welcome to the club and thank you for your loyalty and for allowing us to be a part of your passion of owning some amazing automobiles.
first VIMC member signing
Last but certainly not least, we are very happy to announce that the first Corporate Membership was sold to our sister company, Auto World Import Network (AWIN) in the greater Toronto area.  After a short 5-hour direct flight to Victoria, all the winter woes of Toronto can be forgotten with the combination of a few great driving days, followed by some ocean fishing, golfing and so much more that awaits the AWIN team. Congratulations and welcome to this special club.
We are truly grateful for the opportunity to assemble a very unique club.  We look forward to meeting all of the amazing individuals and their track cars this June.
The Vancouver Island Motorsport Team