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One of the many things that makes the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit uniquely special is the selected group of guest instructors we have as part of our team. Max Papis, Kevin Schwantz, Kees Nierop, Peter Baljet, Brody Goble and Tony Morris Jr. are all working with our team of instructors to offer members an ever changing and exciting time on Vancouver Island.
Today was the first day of our 3 day program executed and lead by Kees Nierop, Porsche Canada’s leading instructor for driving events of all kind. The days are designed to allow each participant with enough one on one time with Kees to make a noticeable difference.  Today, 4 people experienced a nearly perfect day with wet weather conditions in the morning to nearly dry conditions in the afternoon.
Today we had participants from Calgary and victoria and each participant prepared their own vehicle ‎for this event. The goal of the day was to understand how their cars performed on a Circuit, how to setup their car before each entering each corner and how to carry the maximum speed through each passage of the Circuit resulting in a clear understanding of corners, banking and how to use the high speed sections and braking points to establish a definite improvement of sector and lap times during the day.
With over 30 years of Porsche racing and coaching experience, Kees provided a lot of incite to the participants in today’s coaching session.  By the end of the full day program, the evaluation in the coaching room summarized the day’s driving from each participant and gave each person ‎a clear understanding of their progress and opportunities for the next level.
Thank you Kees, it is a pleasure having you as part of our team.  We would also like to thank our participants and we hope you enjoyed your day and we look forward to seeing you again soon to put those new skills to the test.