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The Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort is not a race track but its safety requirements are designed to FIA standards.
On its full length, our track is surrounded by runoff areas designed to the specifications of a race track to keep our members’ cars protected from unnecessary damage while also keeping the drivers safe in the event they do run a little wide in a corner or at any point of the circuit.  However, sometimes even those runoff areas may not be wide enough and a car needs to be slowed down before it would hit the final stop into the steel barriers.  That job on modern tracks is done by a band of tire barriers called “Six Packs”.
In corners with an obtuse angle to the guardrail barriers, the run-off area ends with two rows of six-pack tire stacks (four tires behind each other) ending into a single row of six-pack tire stacks towards the exit of the corner. All tire stacks are secured with conveyer belts embedded into the ground (8 in) to prevent cars from diving underneath the tire stacks.
We have begun the process of assembling these six pack tire barriers and estimate an approximate total of close to 25,000 tires which will result in 694 six packs.