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“In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away” ― Shing Xiong
Today’s event truly represented this quote. After a year and a half since the initial groundbreaking, today was truly breathtaking to watch.  And as we conclude this significant day on October 27, 2015, only one thing comes to mind, thank you!
We’d like to start by thanking our valued customers for if it were not for all of you, we would not be successful at what we do and it is because of you that gave us the confidence to dream and plan such an amazing project such as this one.
Thank you to Sylvester and Pauline Chuang for allowing us the opportunity to develop this project with one of the most exciting dealer groups in the world.  Many thanks to Sam DiStefano, Juergen Strohbeck, David Leigh, John Srebot, Alan McCandless and Christine Mawk from our Ontasian Office for all their help and assistance.
Thank you to Cindy Mui, Serena Ho, Kevin Murphy, Nicole Jimenez, Heidi Starke and their teams in marketing, IT and HR at our GAIN Head Office. Thank you to Carl Munro, Paul Rossmo, Scott Shears, Scott Kerr and Volker Grady, the General Managers of each store within the GAIN Dealer Group along with their teams in all departments.
Thank you to the incredible team at Tilke Engineering consisting of Herman Tilke, Peter Wahl, Christian Epp, Henning Meeser and Johannes Hogrebe for their incredible design and experience.
Thank you to Chris Erb, Brent Brownsell, Trevor Jackson and Joel Salazar and the team of SupErb Construction, our General Contractor, along with their trades and sub trades that help them accomplish these detailed tasks each day.
Thank you to Rick Thomlinson and everyone of Triple T Excavating for more than a year’s worth of work preparing the site for the track.
Thank you to Island Paving and all their subsidiaries for their incredible work over the last several months and especially today for achieving the ambitious task of paving the track in one impressive day.
Thank you to the friendly and extremely helpful staff at the District of North Cowichan and everyone who has helped in making this project possible.
Thank you to our Architect James Irwin and our Commercial Appraiser My Phung to Jeff Tomlinson at JE Anderson our local Engineering firm, and the many others who have help us throughout this journey.  A special thank you also to our Finance Partners at BMW Financial for their trust and co-operation right from the beginning.
I hope I have not forgotten anyone but if I have, please accept my sincerest apologies.
The milestone event that occurred today was not a result of a days worth of hard work.  It is the result of many years of dreaming, planning, designing and engineering, the many months of preparation, the weeks of focusing on each and every detail to ensure nothing gets missed and an entire day of giving it our all.
Thank you to every single person who is and has been involved in the construction of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit. We are building something extremely special and I am truly grateful for the incredible team work and effort you all give every single day.
Peter Trzewik