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The time is finally here to reveal the last remaining section of the track along with the full surrounding runoff areas.  But let’s recap all sectors prior to the final reveal.

Sector one:

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Track Corners 1 to 3

When starting your stint in the pit lane you will accelerate parallel to the track beside the start finish straight and the first corner.  After you cross the pit lane speed limit line you will have watch out for traffic on the track and accelerate hard before you merge just before turn 2. Then the driver will continue to accelerate, going uphill towards the right hand turn 2 bend and corner 3.  Especially that corner will be interesting as the 10% banking should give a special feeling of compression and amazing grip.
You will need all that grip as you want to take maximum speed in to the top straight.
There you will be at the highest speed point of the course with some sports cars exceeding 200 km/ h.
However, very interesting will be that the braking point for corner four, a hard right hand downhill bend, will be right at the peak of the top straight therefore the driver will not be able to see corner four at that time and will have to find the right marker to get the car slowed down enough for the next corner combination.

Sector two:

Introducing Sector 2. Corners 4 to 8

Sector two starts just before corner 4. The driver will come out of the top straight from corner three, reaching the top speed of our phase one course. Breaking hard to get the car ready for the level track (not banked) 90 degree downhill corner that exits straight in corner 5, a 2.5% banked sharp right hand corner that again leads to a 2.5% off camber right bend that will promote the car wanting to drift of the track and car control and the right line will be needed before this corner combination ends with the left hand corner 7.
The driver then races towards the very hard left hand downhill corner 8 and gets ready for sector 3.

Sector three:

Sector 3 of the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort track

The driver exits the last 90 degree left hand corner 8 of sector two that at the apex starts the 11% downhill section towards the left, right, left chicane (corner 9, 10, 11). This corner combination features a very flat (no banking or off camber) track and in the last left bend of this combination, the track levels out. The suspension will compress in the apex of that corner and the driver is racing towards the left corner 12 in which the level track goes uphill with an elevation incline of 10% before it levels out in the 2.5% banked left corner 13 and the 2.5% banked corner 14. The driver is now racing uphill towards sector four.

Sector four:

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort Sector 4

The final sector starts with the uphill right hand 180 degree long sweeper 15, power, grip and commitment will be needed as well as a great balance as the elevation completely changes at the exit of this corner driving downhill towards one of the most challenging corner combinations of the VIMR track. This right, right left combination including corners 16 thru 18 will be extremely difficult with tight corners and over 11.5% downhill elevations while you race towards the final corner 19 which once again is an extremely difficult off camber hard right entering the start finish straight setting your lap time (hopefully around 1:25-1:35 seconds) At that part you start the next lap leaving the club house and pit building on the left getting ready to do it all again and to beat your own last lap.
If the driver is coming to the end of his stint or has to make adjustments he would exit the track just at the entry of corner 19 and slow down to the mandatory pit lane speed of 50 km/h before taking the pit entrance with a sharp right hand corner, driving towards the pit building before turning left in to one of the 4 pit garages.

And now the final reveal….

Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort – Phase 1 of the Track Facility